36 Pearl Street Review


36 Pearl Street

TS Krupa

TS Krupa builds a heartfelt coming of age masterpiece with 36 Pearl Street!  Young Joey has had to move around with her mother numerous times, but when they move to 36 Pearl Street, her life is about to change forever.  Joey meets Pani, a Polish grandmother, who mentors her and tells her stories of surviving World War II.  Additionally, Joey meets Pani’s not unattractive grandson.  Krupa has managed to stich together a teenage romance and mentorship novel in a perfect way that feeds into both.  I loved getting to see Pani’s life, and see how that effects Joey, but I equally enjoyed the growing romance and friendship amongst the teens.  This novel hits you in the heart and reminded me very pleasantly of Karate Kid in a way.  If you love coming of age novels or teen romance (that’s good), definitely come move into 36 Pearl Street!

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