NFC Essentials in 2023 Review


NFC Essentials in 2023

A.C. Hamilton

A.C. Hamilton is back with an incredible guide on how to generate greater convenience and supercharge your business with NFC Essentials in 2023!  Hamilton is wonderful about breaking down tech concepts that an old school guy like me often wasn’t even familiar with.  Near Field Communication (NFC) allows you to connect up your devices and payment options in a secure and easy-to-use way.  Hamilton masterfully walks us through how to set this up, how to use it to help out your business in creative ways (I was fascinated by the idea of digital business cards), and even simpler ways to use it in your day to day life to make things more convenient (like connecting up devices in your house or making payment at the store way easier).  As an author, I just started boosting my sales by setting up booths at conventions, so Hamilton’s section on customer payments and contactless cash (which is quickly becoming the number one way people are paying these days) was incredibly helpful for me!  Technology is shifting so quickly these days and can be really hard to navigate, so I highly recommend snagging Hamilton’s guide if you’re looking to keep up on the business side of things!

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