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Cash GPT

A.C. Hamilton

A.C. Hamilton helps us navigate the tidal wave of opportunities and dangers on the turbulent seas of Artificial Intelligence and helps us find ways to make money with his fantastic guide Cash GPT!  We’re all living through the changing of an era as AI has fully slammed onto the scene.  The last time I’ve seen such a massive and rapid change was at the advent of the internet.  This can be a scary thing as we see jobs being taken, but it is also a period rife with opportunity to flourish and grow.  As someone who has been utilizing AI for a few years now, I’ve been incredibly impressed with Hamilton’s guides on the subject.  They’re always easy to read, they help people utilize AI at all levels (from beginner to expert), and they’re honestly a lot of fun!  Cash GPT has been the most comprehensive one I’ve seen yet.  Hamilton has compiled a wealth of ways to earn money using AI tools like Chat GPT with a wide range from generated articles, to doing research, to website or app design.  I especially appreciated the guides towards passive income that required a bit of work on the front end, but only minimal maintenance after that.  I also really liked how Hamilton geared some of this towards youth since these opportunities are open for all people and kids should really start to become adept at using these tools.  Like it or hate it, AI is here to stay and Hamilton’s guide is a great step towards reaping the benefits of the tool and avoiding its shortfalls!

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