Mistaken for a Madame Assassin Review


Mistaken for a Madame Assassin

Vanessa Ashers

Vanessa Ashers brings us back into the world of thieves, magic, intrigue, and of course, romance, with the engrossing Mistaken for a Madame Assassin!  Clay Lenoir seeks to deepen his relationship with Ashlyn, but this new aspect of his life may experience some complications from his past, namely an old alliance with the mysterious Bea LeSabre.  I loved the mystery of the first Mistaken book, and Ashers manages to deepen that intrigue in a way that drew me deeper and deeper into each page!  I love a good romance that has more going on, and there certainly is a lot happening here with magic, secret societies, heists, and all set against the fun back drop of Las Vegas.  As before, Ashers did a masterful job of providing an exciting plot, but also perfectly wrapping that around the romantic heart of the story.  This is a world of secret lore, excitement, mystery, and heart-pounding romance that shouldn’t be missed, so definitely come roll the dice in Vegas with Mistaken for a Madame Assassin!

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