Dirty Professor


I’ve always been a good girl. Raised by my grandmother, I was taught to be nothing less than a lady. Sit up straight, shoulders back, hands folded neatly in my lap, ankles crossed and knees together. To speak only when spoken to. However, deep down inside there lives a wild young woman longing to break free, to throw caution to the wind and give in to her ultimate desires because even ladies have desires. And what is the thing I desire most? Professor Manuel Santobello, my Spanish professor.

It’s natural to want the things you can’t have, to give in to temptation, and delight in forbidden passions, and Caroline Morone is as forbidden as it gets. Her scarlet waves and big doe eyes have me wrapped around her delicate, young fingers. The way she carries herself, so unlike the other young woman at my university, does things to the beast inside of me. Makes me yearn to bend her to my will, tempt her, mould her. Yet when I am in her presence, only one thing comes to mind—off limits.

As her professor, there are lines I shouldn’t cross, but for beautiful, innocent Carolina, I’m willing to cross them all—consequences be damned.

Tropes Featured: Alpha Hero, Billionaire, Class Difference, Forbidden Love, May/December Romance (age-gap), Orphan, Tortured Hero, and Interracial.

Content Warning:Dirty Professor is a forbidden, student/teacher, age gap romance with elements that may be sensitive to some readers. Those of which contain cheating, humiliation, alluding to specific fundamentals and mature content meant for adults only (18+), but includes a HEA.

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