Veillen Review



Shanna Bosarge

Shanna Bosarge expands on the wonderfully deep and tense fantasy series The Elemental Union with Veillen!  Sterling is haunted by her imprisonment and the events of book 1.  She tries to move on, scraping out a life with Brom as he attempts to train young new warriors, but an evil army bent on resurrecting an evil god slayer has other plans.  Bosarge seamlessly instills a sense of depth into each character and the world itself.  I love the tense plot, but it was Sterling’s struggle that really brought this book to life for me!  This is a book that grabs you by the heart, making you feel for the characters or sit on the edge of your seat with the epic battles.  If you love your fantasy with deep characters and a darker tense shade, come do battle with the Severon with Veillen!

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