Mommy Gets Her Smile Back Review


Mommy Gets Her Smile Back

Dr. Carissa Ferguson-Thomas

Dr. Carissa Ferguson-Thomas tackles the deep issue of depression and breaks it down in a way that kiddos can comprehend with the heartwarming children’s book Mommy Gets Her Smile Back!  Young Leah’s mother has been overcome with depression, effecting every aspect of her day and making it next to impossible to care for her family.  Leah learns to navigate this, bringing us to a triumphant ending that teaches about living with depression.  I’ve really enjoyed how Dr. Ferguson-Thomas can take something as challenging as depression and make it understandable and meaningful, even for children.  This book is a wonderful resource for families and children who experience depression, and it’s a very heartfelt story that’s great for anyone in general!  The illustrations in this book are also fantastic and add to the emotion of it.  If you love children’s books, know someone that experiences depression, or just want to share an uplifting story with kiddos, definitely come feel the warmth of Mommy Gets Her Smile Back!

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