The Nomad: Book Two


In The Nomad: Book Two Zara is on the run. She must go to great lengths, travel great distances on an assortment of odd space vessels and hop from one planet to the next in order to elude the relentless bounty hunters who will stop at nothing to collect the enormous price that has been placed on her head. In her search for freedom, for a safe place she can call home, Zara meets a peculiar couple who offer her the opportunity of a lifetime: to ride with them to a place from which few ever return. Once again, Zara is faced with a decision that will change the trajectory of her life forever. If she accepts the challenge, there will be no turning back.

The Nomad is a story about time and space—about a past of secrets and experiments and eccentric scientists, about a future of aliens and starships and the colonization of distant planets. Zara is a young woman who experiences the worst and the best that the cosmos can offer: the joys of traveling through the stars and discovering new worlds, the horrors of being captive on a decadent pleasure station, the realization that spacetime is real, that the future is the past, and that life and the universe are bound in extraordinary ways.

In The Nomad time is fluid, not linear. Zara’s journeys are revealed in alternating timelines, stories that swing around to reconnect events that are woven together to create the complex fabric of Zara’s life.

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