★2021 Readers Favorite Honorable Mention★
★2020 Wishing Shelf Book Awards Finalist★
★2020 Silver Kops-Fetherling Award★

“[P]acked full of twists and populated with complex characters. Highly recommended!” – The Wishing Shelf

San Diego attorney Josephine Rinaldi enrolls her father in a cutting-edge research study only to find that she has put them both in imminent danger…

Josephine aka ‘Jo’ struggles to balance work with caring for her father who has Alzheimer’s Disease. Their relationship has long been strained by the death of Jo’s older brother, who died in a surfing accident when she was ten. Carrying a heavy load of guilt, Jo took on fulfilling her brother’s unrealized legacy, but never seemed to meet her father’s expectations. Now with his mind is deteriorating, she has lost hope of ever mending their relationship.

When the burden of caring for her father threatens her budding law career, Jo’s boss suggests she enroll him in a client’s residential research program. The Kessler Institute seems like the perfect solution. Her father will be in expert hands and she can get back to work. But her relief is short-lived when questions about his care go unanswered, and she is forced to hire a private investigator to learn what is going on behind closed doors.

When he uncovers a series of suspicious deaths, Josephine seeks to regain custody of her father only to find herself embroiled in a legal battle that jeopardizes not only her career but her and her father’s lives.

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