Life Skills for the Little Ones


Education must help the child to crack different complexities of life such as fear, anxiety, loneliness, running after pleasure, depression, health, social disorder, relationship and so on. This can be done along with academics, not as a separate course. A good teacher or parent who has good understanding about life, can discuss these things along with academics.

Once this ground is set (that is, once this inward strength, happiness and sense of security established), it will enable the child to approach education or any other issue in life with a complete sense of freedom. And when the child has that kind of freedom, he would find it rather easier to relate to the people or the subjects that he has to pass in. Once this relationship, which is out of love, is established, all those struggle and efforts will not be required then. Also, it eliminates all the struggle of a teacher, parent and student.

By the time a child completes his education, he must be able to get rid of fear, greed, anxiety and conflict. In essence, the child must have a mind which has no confusion, but clarity. Confusion only breeds more confusion, and breeds restlessness. A chattering mind can not focus and learn. The child must shift from thinking to feeling. Feeling for things, people and nature around us is quiet an asset in life. What makes a child sensitive and intelligent, education based on (reward, punishment) or love towards what he is learning? Good future for children will just be a dream and not an actuality, as long as we as parent or teacher cannot see the importance of learning along with the child, and not instructing them all the time. This is my little effort to see that the reader gets a clarity about what is missing in the present education system and how we can help bridge this gap and thus ensure a better life for our future generation.

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