Certain Private Conversations…and Other Stories


“The two halves of the collection deal with certain topics which have long interested me, but as of yet have not earned me a lot of exposure. I’ve always enjoyed superhero stories, though I prefer that they have a simple black/white dynamic to keep things simple… I do it the way it was originally intended to be, simple, escapist and appealing to everyone…
“Then we come to the other half, which is a bit more serious, though not that much…
“Hence my story cycle about the Cartoon Republican Army, an animated cartoon character organization which mashes up the IRA, AIM, the Black Panthers and various National Guard-style armed militias together in an attempt to get dimwitted human beings to recognize that cartoon characters are not mere “drawings” but real life human beings… and various other beings, besides.”
­—David Perlmutter, from the Introduction

Blending action, suspense, romance, and humor, David Perlmutter’s stories in this collection will keep you ignoring your smartphone and turning the pages.

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