There is no distinction between the virtual and the real here, and simulations are a way to escape into an alternative reality. An inexplicable plague has turned plants deadly, and people have to build on top of old structures in hopes of temporary salvation.

Cay is fleeing his home, cutting his very identity from his palm along with his implant. Something strange is happening to him, urging him to leave his life behind, but is it real, or is he stuck in a simulation?

Vietra has had enough of the mysterious purpose the Master insists she has to fulfill. She’s fed up with his cruelty. It’s time for her to choose her own fate, and she’s willing to pay the price.

This character-focused cyberpunk tale explores the deep connection between the protagonists, the relationship between humans and nature and the effects advanced technology has on people’s lives. It dives into the characters’ experiences and follows their adventures as they look for answers, taking the reader on a journey filled with unexpected turns of events, mind-bending concepts and plot twists.

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