The Moon Warriors


Talia is on a mission. One that will end with her breaking both rules of her Coven—don’t use magic for evil and don’t cross the boundary.

For years, the witches and demons were at war. The only solution was a boundary put between them that neither of them were to cross at the risk of breaking their treaty. To find the truth of her beloved Ian’s death, Talia must follow the clues he’s left behind, the ones that warn he wasn’t the witch she knew. He had a dangerous secret, one that not only caused him to cross the boundary but also left him at the mercy of the demons.

On the other side, Talia realizes the demons are nothing like she’s been told. Wrapped up in the growing mystery of Ian’s death, Talia is joined by a hunky but concerned demon named Marcus. As he guides her through Ian’s secret world, Talia begins to suspect that the demons weren’t responsible for Ian’s fate after all. With the help of Marcus and her familiar, Mushroom, Talia is plunged into the depths of danger and black magic where she makes a startling discovery—the people she loved the most were the dangerous ones all along.

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