Sky Fighters Part III


What would happen if you found out your name was different from the name you grew up with? What if you found out you didn’t actually need glasses to see the world clearly? What if you found out who your TRUE family was?

This is the thing which happens to Frederick Feldroppy Pierce in the third installment of the Sky Fighters Novella Series! Frederick, and many other people, will be shocked when his true identity is revealed. After Frederick’s final narrow escape away from his cruel step-family, the two teenage boys will meet each other face-to-face! And then, their adventures will bring them together with an array of Sky Fighter Battles, retrieving Summoners, witnessing the glorious return of an ancient religion, and saving Earth from a potential disaster. Alas, the Python Demons aren’t the only foes the Sky Fighters will have to deal with, but one thing is for certain-They will not give up, knowing victory is at hand for them!

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