Reanimate at Dawn


Dying is easy. Coming back is much harder.

Murdered by her rival, Chance Welfrey, left Luna with the impression that she would be forced to live forever in Purgatory. After being offered a deal by Morpheus, the God of Dreams, Luna is given a second chance at life. Back on Earth, she can’t speak due to the healing injuries that killed her, and she finds herself in police custody as the primary suspect in the murders of her friend, Amy, and mother, Rose.

But Luna isn’t the only one to make a miraculous recovery.

With the help of Cody and his compound, Chance is also given a second shot at life using ex-Keeper Reese as a vessel. Tasked with his own mission to stop Luna from succeeding and to find the perfect vessel for Epiales, the God of Nightmares, Chance and Luna will once again partake in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Except this time, the consequences could bring about the end of the world.

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