The Kingdom of Gengria has been without an acknowledged leader since the Heredi’s
death eighteen years earlier. The Heredi’s mate had been pregnant when she also disappeared, but her bloody body had been found rent asunder, apparently by wild beast. Since that time no one with the necessary rose birthmark, the sign of the Heredi, had been found, so Lord Taseln ruled as Regent until the next Heredi should appear.

Presently, two young lords, of the northern area where the former ruler had disappeared, find a girl in a village. She is of the correct age, with the right coloring and more importantly the correct birthmark. But the villagers claim she had just appeared and only she knows where she has been for the last eighteen years. As for the girl, she declines to explain having been warned that the humans would not believe or understand the truth.

The country is dissolving into regionalism. It will be up to Dawning to find a way to take control of her destiny and rule the fracturing world she finds. And perhaps expose the murderer of her parents. What kind of Heredi will she be? Dawning must navigate the treacherous world of humans and hopefully find her mate in the process.

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