Dark Queen


Blind from a riding accident, her father dead and her mother remarried to the horrid Mr. Pennington, Cassandra Wyndleigh has few future options and many past secrets. When the dashing Matthew Rowell blackmails her into marriage by threatening to expose those secrets Cassandra agrees, only to find she has given up the devils she knew for the devilish Matthew Rowell and his secrets. Matthew manipulates her in his game. A game in which she does not know the rules or consequences. Is Mr. Andre, Rowell’s sincere French friend to be trusted or Mr. Herschell who repeatedly asks her to not trust her husband? And then there are the cards. Each time she is asked to do a tarot reading some evil comes of it. An evil that is centered on the Queen of Spades, the dark queen. How can she face all the secrets and bear silently the worst secret yet?

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