Things I Wish I Had Known Before Publishing My First Book


I wanted to create a quick, clear, concise list of things I wish I had known before publishing my first book so that I can give writers the opportunity to get a jump-start on their writing careers without having to struggle through the initial, “what should I do?” questions. If you have additional topics you would like for me to cover, send me an email to and I will be more than happy to create a guide for you! Whether you are looking to self-publish or become traditionally published, these are a few techniques that I hope will help you both before and after you publish your work. Through every process in life, we all have those, “I wish I had known” moments. We wish we had known how to do things better and how to be more effective. I would like to share my personal experiences in the hopes of helping new writers as they go through this exciting and inspiring journey. I cannot guarantee these will work for everyone as the book business is ever-changing. But perhaps they will give you some ideas that you can use as a platform to build upon. Let’s begin!

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