Restart in Bristol


He’s a hot mess. She wants stability. Will these childhood sweethearts risk another pass at love? A small town friends to lovers romance….

Veterinarian Holly Nicholson longs to put down roots. And with a growing practice and pending nuptials to a handsome doctor, her dream future is finally within reach. But when her NASCAR racing high-school steady rolls into town, Holly’s heart takes an off-track excursion.

Curtis “CC” Clark burned out from life in the fast lane. Switching gears, he moves to a small town in search of some cosmic signpost to reveal his destiny and crosses paths with the only girl he’s ever loved. But he’s worried fate sent him into the pits when he finds out she’s engaged.

Between working at the same animal shelter and her engagement crumbling, Holly can feel old desires stirring. But before they can pick up speed, CC gets his big chance for a high-profile comeback. And returning to the road may mean giving up his beloved forever.

Can CC and Holly find common ground and take their love across the finish line?

Restart in Bristol is the third standalone novel in the Racing Hearts of Serenity small town contemporary romance series. If you like bad boys with a heart of gold, strong women, and a touch of new age spirituality, then you’ll adore this Tennessee southern contemporary fiction romance.

Restart in Bristol was the Reader’s Favorite 2020 Honorable Mention in the Romance genre and a Semi-Finalist in Kindle Book Review’s romance category. This NASCAR fiction is available as an eBook, paperback, and audiobook contemporary romance.

“Restart in Bristol is a fun ride, full of romantic tension and the longing for home over all else. In addition to the enticing push and pull of Holly and CC’s relationship, of which there is much to love, there is also a fantastic set of secondary characters, including Holly’s eccentric cousin, Skye, who has an exciting storyline of her own, and characters from earlier books in the Racing Hearts in Serenity series. Restart in Bristol can be read as a standalone book—as I read it—and I’m confident it would be wonderful within the series, too, as it brings back “friends” from the other novels. Sedona Hutton’s Restart in Bristol is a quick, delightful read that will satisfy your longing for love—or perhaps a romantic restart.”- Stacie Haas, Readers’ Favorite, 5-stars

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