Johnny Higgins III


“Andrea Hintz has done it again! Her writing styles has a way of luring readers deep into the protagonist’s life. I found myself going on one incredible rollercoaster ride. Fun, dangerous and intriguing.” -Danielle Urban, Author

“I’m so happy that Johnny and Delia get their own story. It was one of my favorite parts to the series and I can’t wait to read more about them and their growth in the following stories. I would recommend this to anyone who like pirates, history, and adventure.” -Patricia, Book Lover

The captain of the Tesoro crew is dead. It’s been a few years since Johnny Higgins last saw the love of his life after tragically being torn away by his grandfather. But things are different this time…Johnny is captain now. And he’s also a man.

Johnny Higgins is a collection of short stories that will take you on a grand, yet heart-warming adventure.

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