Singularities Of The Soul Of Stephen Xi


The lie was his original sin and it split his soul, forcing its fragments to wander through a maze of ever more dangerous choices in the galactic Empire of the Foreverones. Escape from certain death as alien pirates tear the heart out of humanity’s fragile interplanetary civilization leaves him one of a handful of human refugees on the embattled Airclimber planet of Chillip. The lowliest of the low in a hierarchy of sentient species, he secures work cleaning slime from the walls of the prison pools where the Airclimbers keep the captured Bubloo. But safety is not his destiny. Plagued by increasingly debilitating visions and dreams, he is dragged by an Airclimber prison guard into a web of gambling and prophecy at the deadly battles in the coliseum. A powerful Foreverone ensnares him in a smuggling operation to ransom Bubloo prisoners. And then the captured Bubloo force him to aid them in a daring mass escape. It leaves him captured, tortured, and alone until nirvana, reunion, and a sacrificial act of trans-universal espionage bring him salvation.

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