A Trojan Horse Inside A Paper Moon


An army gathers on an old farm, like the Greeks on the plains of Troy. They are not there to bring Helen home. A god has built a prison out of ten thousand stars, and for the crime of believing that they could travel faster-than-light, their world has become the newest prisoner in this Cluster.The Empire of the Breeze is the prison gang that offered protection from the other inmates. Rather than remain under that protection, the army intends to challenge the god that imprisoned them.That god lives in the city of the collective unconscious, along with angels and devils, myths and monsters, thoughts and dreams. Souls reside there too, growing ever more complex while their bodies walk the dusty plains outside the city.Death is a wall around that city, but there may be another way in. One that has a way out as well. The army is building a secret weapon, the forbidden supra-luminal ship, to sail from the physical to the spiritual universe through the Reality Field.

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