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For the most unusual perspectives, you have to read Prabhu Guptara and, unlike most writers, Prabhu has never confined himself to one genre or one theme.

His business-related work includes Top Executive Teams in the Global 100 Companies and their IT-Competence, and The Basic Arts of Marketing (Portuguese translation: As artes basicas do marketing). he has written for Financial Times (London, UK), The Guardian, The Times and other publications; and has articles, for example, in The Gower Handbook of Management, The Gower Handbook of Quality, and the International Encyclopedia of Business & Management (Routledge) – and has written widely on culture, entertainment, society, politics, technology, and economics.

On the literary, artistic and cultural front, he has two collections of poems in English, Beginnings and Continuations, as well as individual poems published in The Illustrated Weekly of India, Kunapipi, Journal of Indian Writing in English, Indian PEN, The Redbeck Anthology of British Asian Poetry (edited by Debjani Chatterjee, UK, 2000), Masala (edited by Debjani Chatterjee, Macmillan, UK, 2005), and he was chosen by Skylark (UK) as their Poet of the Month in January 2017.

On philosophy and spirituality related topics, he has Indian Spirituality and Yoga: a Christian Option? (the latter co-authored with Amiel Osmaston).

Other works edited by him include The Lotus: An Anthology of Indian Religious Poetry in English; Leela Dharmaraj, 1923–1972, Selected Poems; a special issue of The Journal of Indian Writing in English on “Contemporary Western Writing on India”; and Third Eye: The Prospects for Third World Film.

He has been invited to write Introductions, Prefaces and Afterwords to several publications, e.g., to Malsawmi Jacob’s volume of short stories, Fresh Lease (the first literary work in English to emerge from Mizoram, India).

He compiled the first bibliography of Black British Literature from the Eighteenth Century to the Present.  Literary work includes articles in The Oxford Companion to English Literature, Contemporary Dramatists, Contemporary Novelists, The Guardian, The London Standard, New Society, Spectator, The Sunday Times, Time Out, The Times, The Times Educational Supplement, The Times Higher Education Supplement, The Times Literary Supplement, and in various journals in Australia, Canada, India, Japan and the USA. For several years, he wrote the annual entry on India in the Danish/Australian journal Kunapipi.

For several years, he was a Columnist for The International Indian magazine published from Dubai, and (separately) for Forward Press magazine, published from New Delhi.

His latest book, Make the Best of Your Life (letters to Indian young people on lifeskills, education and careers, with the Hindi translation published as “कैसे बनाएं जीवन को  खू़बसूरत : बहुजन युवाओं के नाम पत्र”) follows his very first published book, Succeeding As A Student.  On related subjects is India in the classroom: teaching about India in British schools, and the forthcoming book by several hands but edited by him, Where Did We Go Wrong: Reflections on 200 years of Modern Education in India, 1813-2013.

He is included in Debrett’s People of Today.

Make the Best of Your Life


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