WC Clinton


WC Clinton has been making things up on paper since he was a boy of seven. Born the first of three children, he has managed to maintain that position despite fierce competition from his siblings.
Besides writing, Clinton spent several years in the theater, until the janitor discovered his hiding place and threw him out. He appeared in both established favorites and new works, as well as writing and performing with a Philadelphia sketch comedy troupe known as Oral Free Delivery.
Always interested in politics, Clinton became more involved in 1992 when a man sharing both his name and birthday decided to run for President of the United States (the W stands for “William”). Clinton eventually managed to obtain elected office in the borough of Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, whose inhabitants returned him to office for a second term to see if he had learned anything from his first.
He has been the companion of many dogs, and is the father of two sons and the husband of one woman.

To learn more, visit his website https://wcclintoncom.wordpress.com

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