Coming Home


You know those people who say you can’t go home again? I’m really hoping they’re wrong.
When my mom said she was selling the house and moving to Florida, time stopped. I knew I couldn’t lose that house, that town, that person.
So here I am moving into my childhood home with the help of my childhood best friend. He’s definitely not the boy I left on my front porch when I went away for college. It seems that little crush I had might make a reappearance with all the time we are spending together.
It feels like everything is changing, and not just with Cole and me but with everything I thought I knew about my life.
Hopefully, my old friends and a couple of new ones can help me navigate this adventure we call life with an old flame, a career change, and some new life-altering possibilities.
They say you can’t go home again, well, I’m about to find out.

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  1. Review of Coming Home- Shanna Swenson

    Coming Home by JD Park

    This was a pleasant read from the POV of a relatable female character, Rayanne, and her quest to come back to her hometown after her parents give her the startling news that they are selling her childhood home. Upon buying it, she settles back home and meets up with her old best friend, Colby, who is now a hunky architect eager to catch up with her. Rayanne’s the only one among her peers who’s oblivious to Colby’s feelings for her, ones he’s had all along we realize deep into the story; she even tries to get back together with her ex (who’s a total jerk by the way!) but finally starts to see that she needs to open her eyes a bit before the characters get together in the end. This was a short, sweet, nostalgic read that makes the reader cozy as they “come home.”

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