The universe is larger than I ever could have imagined…

For her whole life, Aliya Rathburn thought life only existed on Earth. But after nearly dying in a car crash, Aliya wakes up on Callais – a planet that she never knew existed. In order to save her life, Doctor Gydyon Givray had to reconstruct Aliya with materials that were strange and advanced to her, and Aliya finds out that she now has strength and speed beyond her wildest imagination. Determined to hide her new abilities, Aliya tries to fly under the radar when she’s sent to the Protective Forces, the galaxy’s military. As Aliya struggles to accept herself after these incredible yet unwanted changes, a sinister force emerges to threaten the galaxy’s peace. When lives are on the line, will Aliya face her inner demons or will the rising darkness win?

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  1. Review of Remade- Shanna Swenson

    Remade by Danielle Novotny

    As a fan of science-fiction and the love of being immersed in new worlds, I can truly say that reading this debut novel of Danielle’s was truly a pleasure.

    The book centers around Aliya Rathburn who is literally thrown into a nightmare as she awakens from a horrifying car accident to find that she is on an entirely different planet- Callais. Not only is she faced with this dilemma, (insert panic and fear) she is informed that she was at the very door of death and was “modified” in order to save her life (there’s a whole Frankenstein meets Nebula feel going on here). As if that weren’t even to handle… yeah, she’s not allowed to go back home to Earth (aka Terra). Her only option is to join the Protective Forces and become a soldier, which she’s not sure she even wants nor knows how to be, and they all think she’s a “freak”.

    After a few months of hiding her unique abilities out of fear and shame (after all she’s not sure what they plan to do with her in the first place), she is chosen by handsome and reserved Captain Caspian (don’t you just love how his name rolls off your tongue?) for the Nova squad. She’s hesitant and unsure at first why Caspian has chosen her for the squad but soon comes to see that there’s more to Caspian than meets the eye… as well as some chemistry between the two of them 😉 She starts to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance as Nova becomes her family (especially seeing as she’s never allowed to see her own ever again.)

    A scouting mission goes horrible awry on Planet Charra and she must make the quick decision to save her crew, and her captain, but also gives away her “bad-a$$” moves in the process. She comes face to face with a new and frightening enemy, the Kretch, who supposedly were killed out a century ago. This newfound knowledge takes them to yet another new and exotic planet, Vanthurium, where they must protect the Lord and Lady there. The battle scenes are so vivid and thrilling as Aliya must once again help protect her crew and save the day.

    This book was very well written. Each character and place was very descriptive. It was high-paced, exciting, and heart-pounding as Danielle took the reader on a journey to new worlds with a dynamic and lovable crew that would make the Guardians of the Galaxy proud. I’m eager to see what adventures lay in store for Nova next 🙂

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