The Vortex


Lindeur regularly uses her feminine wiles to get her way. She seduces Phu-Bar, who is her husband’s best friend and loyal employee. She then convinces Phu-Bar to assassinate her husband, the Presider, so that they can live together in luxury at her estate. In reality, she’s an ego-maniac who lusts for power and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Phu-Bar is not the puppet Lindeur thinks he is. He’s secretly jealous of the Presider and wants to rule just as badly as Lindeur. He follows through with their plan luring the Presider away from the estate on the pretense that he and the Presider are just going out for a long-overdue pleasure ride on horseback. After arriving at his planned destination, a well-hidden wooded area, Phu-Bar’s cohort spooks the Presider’s horse. When the Presider falls into a lake and is being pulled down into a swirling vortex of death, Phu-Bar finally shows his true colors and taunts the Presider as he begs for help.

Five years later, a man in a black cloak appears during a lightning storm who has no memory of his past. He starts having recurring nightmares that lead him to believe that these aren’t random dreams, but hints of his forgotten past.

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