Nancy O’Hare


Nancy O’Hare is the author of Dust in My Pack and Searching for Unique. She has travelled to over seventy countries and lived across five continents. O’Hare coupled a near twenty-year career in finance with her passion for diverse cultures, which propelled her to seek out unique experiences. O’Hare’s husband shares her passion to visit distant lands and captures remote scenes in his photography. Together, they have transitioned from a corporate career to pursue their creative pursuits and explore our planet, one country at a time.

O’Hare captures moments from multi-month journeys to off-the-beaten path locations in her writing. Her love for nature and intriguing cultures is revealed in her stories from all seven continents. Inspire your inner traveller with her refreshing perspective on little-known destinations.

O’Hare’s travel writing structures stories into themes, such as trekking and ancient sites.

Dust in my Pack


Searching for Unique


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