The Hex Hunt: Surviving the Sea


After defeating the hex in Mr. Cod’s château, Rain and Sage journey to the Industrial City only to discover—to their horror—that the hex has turned the entire city into a polluted, frightening place. Fortunately, they meet a helpful young boy named Jayden, who quickly becomes a valued friend. When they discover the spell code inside a Mechanical Garden, Rain reads it and drives the hex far out to sea. The three find passage on board Captain Natsuko’s ship, and they believe all is well. However, the hex has power greater than they suspected. Halfway through their voyage, the hex attempts to destroy them by resurrecting a dead pirate and his lost vessel, Jupiter, from the bottom of the sea! Will Rain, Sage, and Jayden escape the ghost ship and be able to continue on with their mission to stop the hex? Find out in this second installment The Hex Hunt: Surviving the Sea!

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