Spine Shivering Stories


Project RD

On his way to the movies, Alex Wiesel is bitten by a zombie and becomes one of the undead himself. Is he doomed to wander the earth, forever hunting for his next victim? Just moments after his transformation, Alex is taken by the CDC to a facility outside his town of Ground Zero, and placed into a rehab program to wean him from the Hunger. During his stay Alex believes he is gradually recovering, until he discovers a deep dark secret that the lab would rather keep under wraps.

Movie House Murder

As movie theater manger, Alicia does her closing rounds she gets the jolt of her life when she comes upon a dead man sitting in one of the auditoriums. Shortly after her horrid find, Vic, the film projectionist, comes down and points out that the man might’ve been murdered by a serial killer dubbed the “Venom Killer.” He convinces Alicia to follow him to the projection booth for safety. Yet safe is the last thing she feels once she follows him inside.


Young Suzy is meeting her baby sister for the first time. In her own words she speaks about how the world has changed and what has become of the human race in the two thousand years since the planet flooded.

A Night in Cetatea Poenari
Three British youths leave their homeland to stay a night in Cetatea Poenari, also known as City Poenari, the fortress of Vlad Dracula. No sooner do they make camp that strange things happen within the ruins.

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