Hooping With Kids


Teaching Hula Hoop Classes for Kids is so rewarding. Ready to go to work with a smile on your face? Interested in helping kids get fit while earning up to $100 an hour? In this kindle Ebook you’ll discover:

*How to teach your own hula hoop classes for kids AND get paid for it, even if you are brand new to hooping and all the other creatives in your town give everything away for free
*How to tap into programs with budgets for hoop dance classes just like this one
*How to start this fun hooping career that helps kids (and you!) become healthier, even if you have no experience. Watch your waistline shrink and your confidence grow!
*Whether you want a new hobby, side job or career transition, you’ll discover marketing secrets to get booked with hula hoop dance parties, hula hoop classes for kids and teens no matter where you live.

You get the full game-based hula hoop class curriculum loved by thousands of students worldwide. Perfect for yoga teachers, gym teachers, moms and other women who love hoop dance.

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