Trivia Truckload: 100 Rounds of Bar Trivia


100 Trivia Rounds, 1000 Trivia Questions – Trivia Truckload is packed with enough fun information to get you through dozens of trivia nights at your favorite watering hole!

Green Things, Spaceships, Notable Hats, Villains, Toys of the 1980s, Sharks, 20th Century Dictators, Stuff That Vanished, Puppets, Advertising Slogans – the topics included cover a wide range, from the natural world to pop culture and everything in between. 100% original, this hefty serving of trivia is presented in an accessible, non-academic, non-square manner. This isn’t about finishing your doctoral thesis, this is about getting together with friends, knocking back a few drinks and proving whose grey matter is the greyest!

Don’t waste your time with hastily slapped together lists stolen from the internet. Trivia Truckload is all brand new and every question has been tried and tested by the good people in the Toronto Trivia League. You could buy another book of trivia questions… but why would you? You’re better than that.

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