Mat Blackwell


Mat Blackwell is a multi-award-winning writer, a visual artist, a prolific chaos-musician, and a reclusive troglodyte who veers between feeling universal oneness with all living beings, and wishing that they’d all just hurry up and die.  He has written jokes for performers as varied as Waleed Aly, Paul McDermott, Corinne Grant, Wil Anderson, Amanda Keller, and Barry Humphries. He wrote the funny bits of TV shows like THE GLASS HOUSE, THE SIDESHOW, GOOD NEWS WEEK, WEDNESDAY NIGHT FEVER, ROOM 101, and THINK TANK, and is one of the creators and writers of the webseries BRUCE, the hilariously grotesque sharehouse-black-comedy-meets-convict-period-drama starring Angus Sampson, Rich Davies, and Dave Lawson (a webseries that, it must be mentioned, was so richly-awarded that it came in at number three on the Web Series World Cup for 2017, and looks like it might again in 2018).

When he’s not cranking out the gags for TV, Mat scrawls satirical novels and vulgar short stories for discerning adults who don’t mind laughing while they sob.


BEEF (2014)

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