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This is an OPEN, perma-free book written to honor the memory of precious loved ones. Writing a tribute is an act of gratitude and a priceless gift to future generations. If you have ever wanted to write something to celebrate the life of a favorite relative or in honor of your personal hero, now is the time to do it. Submit your 4,000-10,000 word tribute/memoir; if it’s good I’ll add it as a Chapter and re-publish at no cost. Find me on social media (Phil McQuillan or @mcquillan_phil).
The first story in this collection covers almost forty years of the colorful home life of my father Philip — his favorite hobbies, the foibles and mini-obsessions that made him such a memorable character. Philip’s little recipes, his night job as a radio announcer, his board game “crimes” and his love for horse racing, golf and gardening all combine to paint the richly detailed portrait of a man we cannot help but grow to love. The stories/tributes that follow by Jane Franklin and Liza D Wolfe are equally entertaining, very personal glimpses into the life and times of their beloved parents.

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