The Fifth Ascendant

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The world of Drina is on the brink of destruction.

Kal’s dreams have grown dark. A missing Ascendant. The deaths of imperial soldiers at the hands of terrible monsters far below Skytown. It all must link back to the mysterious powers of his upcoming Ascendancy or perhaps his newfound visitor, a kid that only he can see—but none of it can prepare him for the adventure of self-discovery and world shattering consequences he’s about to be hurled down.

Nash, Ruka, and Jia are all on a top secret mission for the Heretic cause, a mission that could save their people and maybe the entire world—but one of them has a secret, a dark and tangled past that could doom them all.

Magic, humor, outrageous heists, horrific monsters, and yes, a fur bearing trout and a pickle are all along for the ride in this manic quest to keep the world of Drina from descending into darkness.

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2 thoughts on “The Fifth Ascendant

  1. I’m not sure whether this is the right place for a review, but this is my review of Josh’s book.
    I love this book even though it is a in genre I don’t ordinarily like. What got me is Josh’s sense of humor, then I began to get interested in the story. I bought the book! Looking forward to completing my reading of it. Thanks, Josh!

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