Beyond the Gloaming Pass Review


Beyond the Gloaming Pass

Rebecca Holmes

Rebecca Holmes brings us a powerful and intriguing novel about friendship set in a lush and engrossing fantasy world with Beyond the Gloaming Pass!  Searching for a better life, young mage Molindra and her friend Rubriel find themselves in a cold unrelenting land searching for a mysterious artifact.  But things start to heat up as political intrigue and a rising undead menace force two friends onto opposite sides of a growing power struggle.  Holmes captures everything I love about fantasy, the fascinating locales, the monsters, the climactic conflicts, while managing to keep the characters at the heart of it all!  I couldn’t help but feel for Molindra and Rubriel’s struggles and root for their tattered friendship to mend and stay true.  This is a wonderful first foray into a world that I hope expands soon!  If you love fantasy, steampunk, or adventures that emphasize characters and friendship, definitely come see what’s Beyond the Gloaming Pass!

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