The Fighting Detective Series Books 4-6 Review


The Fighting Detective Series Books 4-6

Blair Denholm

Blair Denholm brings us all the tough-talking hardboiled detective action in one place with The Fighting Detective Series Books 4-6!  As someone who has read the Jack Lisbon series for years, it’s really fun to see Denholm gather the later volumes into one place.  Jack Lisbon is a great character, at times the gruff and tough detective, and at others a very heartfelt and deep character.  Each mystery is packed with great twists and also a fun mix of sports that keeps each plot dynamic, intriguing, and wonderfully unpredictable!  If you love your detectives tough but deep, your mysteries twisting, and the intrigue on max, definitely come ask ‘what’s in the box’ with this latest Jack Lisbon box set!

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