Spontania Issue #1

Issue _1 Spontania Front Cover ™

Strange things are happening in the town of Tranquility.

What had once been a major manufacutring hub just north of New York City has suffered a major blow to its commerce – local factories have shut down, townspeople are out of work, desperation is on the rise.

Almost overnight, several tech companies have rolled into Tranquility with the promise of revitalization. Granted easy access and toxic contracts, these firms broke their promises. Tranquility has become a techno-dystopia.

Admist this turmoil, an uneasy alliance has formed between two gifted teenagers and two renegade techies. Their goal is to expose the hidden agenda of the tech companies and restore peace to Tranquility.

Science. High school drama. An out-of-control techno-monopoly. All of these things are poised to explode and give rise to the modern masked hero, SPONTANIA!

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