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Sold to the Devil

Blair Denholm

Blair Denholm gives us an action-packed and all around fun thriller in Sold to the Devil!  Gary Braswell is trying to run from his violent past only to discover that violence is the only way forward.  This gritty beat-em-up is just fun, Gary is a great main character, and Denholm packs in the perfect balance of humor and action to make this one a devil of a time!  Check out Sold to the Devil if you like classics like Jack Reacher or John Wick!


Sky Fighters Part II: Redemption of the Rebels

Ross Eberle

The Sky Fighters must face new threats in Ross Eberle’s exciting continuation Sky Fighters Part II: Redemption of the Rebels!  Old faces and newcomers both jump into the fray as the Sky Fighters deal with an impending new threat: the Sand Tomb Guardians.  It’s fun to jump back into Eberle’s anime-esque world to reunite with previous characters and see the expansion of the Python Demons’ villainous plots!  Fans of classics like Voltron will be right at home in this beat-em-up galactic thriller!


Corporate Armageddon

Gauri Shanbhag Wagle

Gauri Shanbhag Wagle gives us an underdog tale of good versus corporate greed in Corporate Armageddon!  Swarali is young and dreams of making it big in the corporate world.  These dreams are dashed as powerful people attempt to take advantage of Swarali, leading her into a battle of wits against their corporate empire.  Wagle lays out an awesome David versus Goliath-esque story that is rife with twists!  If you love seeing the common person topple empires, this one’s for you!


Immersed in West Africa

Terry Lister

Terry Lister takes us on a fun and interesting journey through Africa in Immersed in West Africa!  This gravel guide walks us through the sights and interesting locales of five separate countries, all while being well organized and easy to read.  I really thought it was cool how Lister blends the narrative of his personal journey and experiences into an informative piece about these countries and their people!  The inclusion of pictures was a great addition as well.  If you’re looking to see a bit of the world and broaden your horizons, take a trip to West Africa with Terry Lister!


Pink and Purple Bob

Crystal Napolitano

Crystal Napolitano gives us a fun and adorable tale about friendship in Pink and Purple Bob!  Cute little dog Bob is obsessed with pink and purple things and enlists a mouse to help in his search for the treasures.  After briefly falling into his obsession, Bob learns that friendship is infinitely more valuable than things.  It’s a really cute story with a great moral told by Napolitano’s gorgeous pictures and excellent prose!  If you’re looking for a tale of friendship to share with kiddos or just love dogs, take an adventure with Bob!


The Key of F

Jennifer Haskin

Jennifer Haskin delivers a heart-pounding fantasy adventure with The Key of F!  After witnessing her father’s murder, Fale grows up protecting a mysterious artifact, The Key of F.  Later, she finds herself on the run for saving her love, Keron.  This leads her to uncover secrets about the strange artifact, leading her to learn that there’s more at stake than just her and Keron’s life.  I loved the characters in this book and Haskin’s writing style seamlessly lets you get immersed in the story!  The history of the world and the secrets behind the Key of F are really cool, leaving me intrigued to see where the adventure goes next.  If you’re looking for a good fantasy tale with a tight focus on characters, come unlock the mystery of The Key of F!

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