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The Curse of the Storm Giant Queen

J.K. Lutes

J.K. Lutes builds an imaginative fantasy world in The Curse of the Storm Giant Queen!  As Justin sets off to find the magical ancient city of his ancestors, he discovers there’s a powerful darkness lurking, one that threatens to devour the world.  Lutes’ world was really cool and the characters were a lot of fun!  If you love series staples like Percy Jackson, definitely dive into this quest!


…Before You Leap

Les Lynam

Les Lynam shows us a heck of a time in …Before You Leap!  Sean is just an ordinary kid…until his great great great grandson shows up from the future and sends him on a time-spanning quest.  The characters and voice are outstanding in this book and I could tell Lynam had fun crafting them.  This one pleasantly reminded me of Back to the Future so check it out if you’re looking for a little light-hearted nostalgia!


True Identity

Amanda Mackey

Amanda Mackey blends romance, suspense, and action in True Identity!  When a man wakes up after having been shot, he finds he has no memory, not even his name.  Now with the help of the woman who brought him back, he must piece back together his fractured life, a life that could be dangerous for more people than just him.  Mackey’s writing was great and I enjoyed the Memento meets While You Were Sleeping vibe of this one!  If you’re hungering for The Bourne Identity with a romantic twist, check out True Identity!


The Seven Year Dress

Paulette Mahurin

Paulette Mahurin perfectly captures the horrors of the Holocaust and the beauty of its survivors in The Seven Year Dress.  Helen Stein is like any teen, until one day the evil of the Nazi regime comes for her.  Forced to scrape out an existence in one of the Holocaust’s worst death camps, Helen still manages to find moments of dignity and beauty amongst the survivors.  This novel made me cry many times over as Mahurin’s powerful writing washed over me.  This one’s an emotional gut punch, but one well worth taking!


St. Claire’s Blues

Ili Mais

Ili Mais lays out a compelling and complicated mystery in St. Claire’s Blues!  When a millionaire shows up dead in his house, it upends the seemingly peaceful town of St. Claire.  This is a novel with secrets around every corner, and Mais does a fantastic job of building in many great characters that complicate things.  If you’re looking for something more akin to Murder on the Orient Express, check this one out!


Winter Christmas Collection

Aurora Mandeville

Aurora Mandeville offers a great Christmas variety in Winter Christmas Collection!  The poems and short stories presented everything from the magical to even the mournful.  Mandeville’s writing is excellent and I enjoyed the span of moods throughout.  If you’re yearning for winter and the beauty of Christmas, check this one out!


To My Beloved Heart: The Last Journey of Edgar Allan Poe

James Marchiori

Experience the tortured existence of Poe’s life through his eyes in James Marchiori’s To My Beloved Heart: The Last Journey of Edgar Allan Poe!  Poe has always been one of my favorites, but it’s a sad fact that his life was an arduous journey, one that Marchiori captures beautifully.  Marchiori’s writing is vibrant and vividly brings history to life!  Check this one out if you also love Poe and want to experience more of the man than the myth!



Adam Martin

Adam Martin creates an exciting action adventure in Xenoman!  After inadvertently joining a secret intelligence agency, Xeno is sent to hunt down one of his former coworkers, a mission he discovers isn’t everything it’s cut out to be.  I loved Martin’s almost cyberpunk world and the action was very well done!  Check out Xenoman if you’re looking for an actiony futuristic thriller!



Helen Mathey-Horn

Helen Mathey-Horn builds an interesting fantasy world filled with intrigue in Dawning!  When the Heredi’s kingdom is left without a leader, it begins to fall into decay.  Eighteen years later, young Dawning may be able to change that, but only if she can pick through her tangled past and navigate the perils of the world.  I enjoyed the well-wrapped intrigue of the world and Dawning’s path of discovery.  Check this one out if you’re looking for a fantasy with a nonhuman main character!


The Bartender: Darkness on the Edge of Town

Axel Matfin

Axel Matfin hits us with an adrenaline-fueled mystery in The Bartender: Darkness on the Edge of Town!  Ex mercenary Tom Wolfe finds himself dragged back into the fray after mysteriously receiving a handgun and a note to watch out.  Tom is a great gritty kick butt character and it was a lot of fun to watch him kick down some doors in his search for the truth.  Matfin finds the perfect balance between action and story and Tom is cool without trying too hard to be.  This novel is awesome and fun and I look forward to seeing what romp The Bartender guns through next!

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