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A Particle of You

Cendrine Marrouat and David Ellis

Cendrine Marrouat and David Ellis stimulate the heart with their newest collection of poetry in A Particle of You!  This beautiful collection of poems focuses on the connections we make with one another, and especially the love that grows between people.  I enjoyed Marrouat and Ellis’ insights into the ebb and flow of love, and the continuous look at how love changes as two people journey together.  These two master poets always provide a great variety in the types of poems they deliver, and this holds especially strong here!  If you’re looking for something uplifting this season, a quick read filled with love and connections to nature and people, definitely come bask in A Particle of You!

The Book of 1st Witchcraft

Asa Rodriguez

Asa Rodriguez brings us more thrills, monsters, and magic with the next adventure in the Benjamin Jones series The Book of 1st Witchcraft!  The Necromancer has invaded and seeks the power and secrets of The Book of 1st Witchcraft.  Ben spirits away the book, but becomes caught in its allure, even going to the edge of death to delve into its mysteries.  Even this late in the series, Rodriguez continues to surprise with the continued magical feel of the Benjamin Jones world and the clever expansion of its lore.  Like Ben, I really enjoyed unlocking the mysteries of the Book.  This is an adventure filled with ‘aha’ moments and plenty of interesting monsters, perfect for fans of Percy and Potter!

Dueling With Snakes

Jessica Piro

Jessica Piro rounds out the Phoenix Trilogy with a tale of vengeance, action, and romance in Dueling With Snakes!  Leila and Dragunov team up for revenge against Bryan Foster through a new tournament, and this time they’re out for blood.  Little do they know, other forces are manipulating them, pushing them towards a dark encounter.  With each entry, Piro has managed to ratchet up the tension and intrigue, bringing the story in directions I wasn’t expecting.  It was interesting seeing the darker turn both Leila and Dragunov took, but that only added to the romantic intrigue Piro weaves into her books, and I couldn’t help but wonder where things would go next!  If you love a good action adventure with strong intrigue and romantic elements, come fight your way through the tournament with Dueling With Snakes!

Spectacular Silver Earthling

Mara Lynn Johnstone

Mara Lynn Johnstone brings us a wonderfully strange, humorous, and actiony adventure with Spectacular Silver Earthling!  Hubcap is a hardy machine that has taken on many dangerous missions.  Having recently left his role as a rescue bot, Hubcap has found his niche being the star of a deadly action TV show.  But when he is dispatched with a team of humans to a mysterious and treacherous world, he finds that for the first time he may be in over his bolted head.  Johnstone captures that perfect blend of action, humor, likeable characters, and mystery with Spectacular Silver Earthling!  Hubcap’s fairly narcissistic take on everything was fun to follow, and I really enjoyed the mystery and peril around every corner on the planet.  If you’re looking for a more lighthearted sci fi adventure that’s told from a very different perspective, grab your film crew and dive into this one!

The Potrero Complex

Amy Bernstein

Amy Bernstein brings us a really tense conspiracy thriller with the Potrero Complex!  After some rough years of reporting on tough stories, journalist Rags Goldner leaves the big city in search of a simpler life in a small town.  But when a girl goes missing, Rags discovers that her life is anything but simple, and that people will do all sorts of terrifying things when they’re afraid.  Bernstein packs secrets into every corner of the town Canary, and I enjoyed unpacking each one of them!  This was a tense novel of discovery, but it also does a great job of exploring that tenuous balance between freedom and security, and the lengths people will go to to try to preserve either.  If you’re looking for a good conspiracy thriller with a deep look at morality, come search for missing Effie in The Potrero Complex!

It Came to Me on a Whim

Maria Bouroncle

Maria Bouroncle brings us the chilling true tale of Ingeborg Andersson’s murder spree with It Came to Me on a Whim!  When Artur Andersson returns home after collecting firewood, his life is irrevocably changed.  Bouroncle’s retelling of a family’s tragic murder is gripping and cinematic, but I also appreciate the care given to accuracy and the human side of the story.  I believe this stems from Bouroncle being the great niece of Andersson, and it really adds to the depth and strength of the novel!  If you love true crime or tense thrillers, definitely come take a stab at It Came to Me on a Whim!

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