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The Jumping Fish

Katja Vartiainen

Katja Vartiainen brings us the adorable tale of a fish that goes where no fish has gone before in The Jumping Fish!  The Jumping Fish was great at, well you guessed it, jumping.  But one day when the fish jumps a little too high and is carried away by a magpie, the fish must find its way back to the sea with the help of some new friends.  This was a really fun adventure, complimented by some gorgeous illustrations done by Vartiainen herself!  If you love children’s books with lighthearted journeys and a bit of poetry, definitely come splash your way through The Jumping Fish!

Warring Lives

Marc Blair

Marc Blair gives us a great coming-of-age tale with a military focus in Warring Lives!  Young Jouun joins the military, not really sure what to expect, but learns a great deal about life, death, and himself through his service.  I really loved getting to see a military story with a tighter focus on a single character.  Blair builds great emotion and realism into Jouun, instantly making you fall in love with the character.  If you love military stories or the emotional journey that only coming-of-age stories can produce, definitely enlist with Warring Lives!

Through This Strange Window

Edgar Smith

Edgar Smith serves up a platter of short horror mysteries and musings that really make you think in Through This Strange Window!  One of the most fascinating things about Smith’s work is his choice to find the extraordinary in everyday things.  It was fun to see how books or mirrors would lead to something dark or thought-provoking.  Speaking of that, this is a very deep and thought provoking brand of horror, very reminiscent of more classic horror (something I really enjoyed).  If you love more classic horror that unsettles with the use of philosophy, definitely come peer Through This Strange Window!

City of the Dead

Valena D’Angelis

We return to the lush fantasy world of Bravoure just as war is looming in Valena D’Angelis’ City of the Dead!  We follow several branching paths this time from the main characters as they rush to prevent a devastating war from happening.  Yet, the solution to this world-shattering problem may lie along the most dangerous path taken yet.  It was really fun to come back to Bravoure (such a cool locale that is very alive and full of depth) and follow up with where the characters ended up.  The branching paths were fun, each was very interesting and kept things fresh.  If you love exploring fantasy worlds and characters that are very alive, come plunge the dark depths in City of the Dead!

Dane Thorburn and the City of Lost Souls

Matt Galanos

Matt Galanos sets us on the desperate search to save a princess in Dane Thorburn and the City of Lost Souls!  After thwarting Firelord Raegan, Dane Thorburn is accepted into the Royal Knights.  But when Princess Vanessa is kidnapped, Dane must prove his innocence and journey into the dangerous realm of the City of Lost Souls in order to save her.  It was fun getting to explore the strange fantasy realm of Valentaland in this fast-paced tale.  The schemes are dastardly and the characters entertaining in this magical romp through a fascinating fantasy world.  If you’re looking for a fun more light-hearted fantasy adventure, come slash your way to saving a princess with The City of Lost Souls!

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