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Michael Okon

Michael Okon gives us a wild romp through a monster-infested theme park in Monsterland!  Wyatt Baldwin is having a really rough year, what with his parents divorcing, his father passing away, and the girl he likes dating someone else.  When a new theme park opens up featuring cool monsters, he thinks his fortunes have changed, but Wyatt will soon discover he’s about to be faced with the greatest challenge of his life.  Monsterland was intriguing, fun, dark, and meaningful!  Okon knows the perfect blend of description, action, and depth of character to make me want to reserve my tickets to his next monster mash!


Death by Midnight

Nicole Nadeau

Nicole Nadeau sets us on an exciting race against time in Death by Midnight!  When genius inventor Anne Goode’s parents are taken hostage by a mysterious enemy, she is forced to help him in his nefarious plot.  Death by Midnight is fast-paced and Nadeau’s writing seamlessly brings the action and characters to life!  I felt the clock ticking in this thrill ride making me excited to see what trouble Anna will have to face down next!


The Witches of Crannock Dale

Thomas Kane

Thomas Kane gives us a tale of espionage and the powerful bonds of family in The Witches of Crannock Dale!  When Mara’s village is threatened by an enemy army, she believes the knights of her village will defend it.  But when those very same knights arrest her aunt, accusing her of being a witch, she discovers that an invading army isn’t the only threat to her family.  I love the way Kane couches a more intimate, touching story of a family’s struggle to stay together within a greater world of politics and spycraft.  There are a lot of moving pieces in The Witches, but Kane maneuvers them masterfully in a way that drew me in to Mara’s story!  I’m looking forward to the next one!


Saturnius Mons

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones hits us with an action-packed adventure from the stars in Saturnius Mons!  Warrior Viekko Spade has been sent to Titan to protect the indigenous civilization there from Global Corporation, but quickly he finds that infighting and his drug addiction are going to make a hard job nearly impossible.  I love the way that Jones unpacks his descriptions and builds character!  This novel is filled with great action, but it also has depth at its heart.  If you’re looking for a gritty action romp in space, take a flight out to Titan in Saturnius Mons!


How I Became a Sushi Chef

Kaz Matsune

Kaz Matsune teaches us a lot about sushi and life in his memoir How I Became a Sushi Chef!  Matsune brings us along his crazy life, from Hollywood to building a business.  His writing flows like a novel, but also helps teach some tricks of the trade along the way!  I actually knew nothing about sushi or the cooking business before reading this, but Matsune’s life was highly fascinating!  Check this one out if you love food, business, or just want to spend a day in someone’s adventurous life!


Samsara: The Wheel of Birth, Death, and Rebirth

Rebecca Harrison

Rebecca Harrison gives us a fascinating insight into Eastern spirituality in Samsara: The Wheel of Birth, Death, and Rebirth!  Harrison explores Eastern philosophy about Samsara, our trapped state of wandering and reincarnation.  This book draws you in as it’s one part informational, one part travel guide, and one part story!  I really enjoyed Harrison’s blend and getting to see some diverse views about Samsara and life in general!  If you haven’t already read Samsara in a past life, then be sure to check it out in this one!


Ember of the Planet

Dove Winters

Dove Winters takes us on an adventure to save the world in Ember of the Planet!  When chosen by the planet, Ember Oheada is forced to battle the Pathfinder, the evil being that has taken over the world.  It seems like a simple setup, but Ember’s journey is meaningful and filled with great characters and surprises!  Winters has a wonderful grasp of description, bringing the world vibrantly to life in the same way a painter casts strokes!  This story was beautiful, exciting, and I genuinely cared about the characters!  Can’t wait to see what happens to them in the next one!


Family Secrets

Donna Zadunajsky

Donna Zadunajsky hits us with an emotionally gripping drama in Family Secrets!  Alexis has the perfect life with a caring husband, a son, and a great job…until one day her husband commits suicide.  Alexis falls ill as her son Colton begins to uncover their family’s uncomfortable secrets.  Zadunajsky knows how to make some heartfelt characters while building a compelling mystery!  Family Secrets is both intriguing and hits you in the heart, a combination that made it thoroughly enjoyable!

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