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It Is What It Is

Dr. Carissa Ferguson-Thomas

Dr. Carissa Ferguson-Thomas offers some practical relationship advice in It Is What It Is!  Ferguson-Thomas walks you through some steps in conflict management and how to have a healthy loving relationship in a way that’s easy to read!  I also really enjoyed her bits of humor sprinkled throughout the guide giving it a lighter tone!  Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for one, this is a fun guide perfect for you!


Phoenix of Fyre

Danizza Hymas

Rebellion and magic are rife in Danizza Hymas’ exciting Phoenix of Fyre!  Phoenix possesses unique magical abilities, ones she has to hide when a neighboring empire invades her country of Cicero.  Now, with the help of several friends, she battles to take back her homeland, all while having to stay out of the clutches of numerous groups that want to exploit her abilities.  I always love a good ‘battle against an evil empire’ tale and Hymas tells it really well!  Cool characters, a neat world, and plenty of action make this one perfect for any fantasy lovers out there!



Robert Ottone

Robert Ottone gets the blood pumping with a set of chilling short stories in People!  From otherworldly visitors, to spirits, to unseemly business deals, Ottone’s stories manage to claw their way into your brain and nest there long after reading.  Ottone knows how to slowly ratchet up the suspense making People loads of fun to read!  If you’re looking to be creeped out, go ahead and crack this one open!


Yummy Me Feels So Good

Lion I Am

Lion I Am gives us an adorable and fun way to talk about feelings with young kiddos in Yummy Me Feels So Good!  Through a bit of prose and cute pictures, the story walks us through some different feelings.  This was a nice lighthearted read and a great way to explore feelings with little ones!  If you have young kiddos at home, this one’s for you!


The Museum Curator

Bruce Allsman

Bruce Allsman builds up the tension in The Museum Curator!  Serena Crown and her four-year-old daughter decide to visit a museum.  After a sudden power outage, Serena discovers the unthinkable: her daughter has gone missing.  Allsman details the intense search for a missing girl with twists all throughout that draw you in!  This one has me on edge the whole way through, so check it out if you love a good suspenseful thriller!


The Super Nice Monster Squad

Simon Carr

Simon Carr delivers an edgy but humorous take on the apocalypse in The Super Nice Monster Squad!  As the impending apocalypse approaches, a group of monsters decides what to do about it.  I really enjoyed Carr’s fresh take on the genre!  His humor was hit or miss for me, and the story isn’t necessarily for the faint of heart due to profanity and some adult content, but if you’d enjoy a grittier version of Shaun of the Dead, you’d likely love this one!


Hero Worship: Love and Terror in the Outback

Pam Farley

Pam Farley hits us with a tale of terror down under with Hero Worship: Love and Terror in the Outback!  After saving some of her neighbors from a tornado, Sienna gets praised as a hero, but not all attention is good.  She quickly finds herself pitted against a man whose obsession is deadly.  Farley’s powers of description draw you in right from the beginning and get the blood moving as Sienna struggles desperately for survival!  Terror of being stalked, suspenseful action, and even a bit of romance make this a wonderful horror read!

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