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Akea: His Mother’s Son

Elizabeth Jade

Elizabeth Jade tells another heartwarming tale of struggle and triumph in Akea: His Mother’s Son!  Akea is trying to adjust to her role as the Wolf Queen when tragedy strikes.  An incursion by humans sees the pack scattered and her son taken into captivity.  Now Akea must save Salvador while he fights to survive.  Jade’s descriptions are beautiful in this book and her writing hits you right in the heart, especially if you’re a dog lover!  Check this one out if you’re looking for a gripping animal fantasy adventure!


That Which Must Happen

Sebastiano Lanza

Sebastiano Lanza sets up such a great moral dilemma in That Which Must Happen!  Young Benjamin can see the future and potentially alter those events.  It’s something he’s hesitant to do, until one day he sees the demise of Ms. Penter, the kind woman who takes care of him.  Now Benjamin must wrestle with whether to change Ms. Penter’s fate, no matter the consequences.  Lanza sets up such a great moral question and delivers a wonderful heart punch packed with powerful description!  This novel is all about the feels and sticks with you long after you put it down, so go and pick it up!


Before the Full Moon Rises

M.J. Bell

M.J. Bell sets us on a great fantasy adventure in Before the Full Moon Rises!  After a death in the family, young Deston is sent to live with distant relatives in France.  It’s there that he learns that his mother didn’t actually die, but was kidnapped by fae.  Now with the help of the tenacious girl Margaux, he must rescue her from a realm populated by monsters and dark magic.  I love the mythology Bell creates and Deston and Margaux are such lovable characters!  I love Percy Jackson, and Before the Full Moon Rises felt right at home with that series!  Check this one out if you love YA adventures packed with monsters, adventure, and heart!


Last Communion

David Ryan

David Ryan combines sci fi and vigilante thrillers marvelously in Last Communion!  When aliens abduct Daniel Hunter, they discover they’re in way over their head.  Daniel decides to take the fight to the aliens, a fight that brings him all over the world and even across the galaxy.  Ryan’s writing is action-packed and never leaves you feeling bored!  If you love vigilante stories, check out this unique twist on the genre!


At Horizon’s End

Chris Sarantopoulos

Chris Sarantopoulos asks the great question of what happens when death grows a conscience in At Horizon’s End!  After meeting a little four year old named Stella, The Man Who Fed on Tears begins to question his existence and the value of death.  I really enjoyed Sarantopoulos’ moral argument and his writing is cinematic and beautiful!  Check this one out if you’re looking for a short read with a lot of depth!


Detours in Time

Pamela Schloesser Canepa

Pamela Schloesser Canepa takes us on an exciting journey through time in Detours in Time!  When Tabitha follows Professor Milt into the future, they accidentally set events into motion that could change all of existence.  Canepa’s depiction of the future is awesome, as is the deep moral questions about changing events she presents!  This book is fun and deep, and dare I say it, worthy of your time!



James Schmidt

James Schmidt introduces a fascinating and adventurous near future in Hypernova!  When a meteor crashes down on Earth containing a reality-warping substance, a science team is dispatched to the meteor’s origin Europa.  They soon discover that their mission on the alien world will be anything but simple.  Schmidt keeps you on the edge of your seat with a variety of discoveries, survival elements, and corporate intrigue!  This was a great batch of hard sci fi, perfect for any fans of novels with a plethora of twists!

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