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Black Seeds

Stjepan Cobets

Stjepan Cobets shows the high cost of war in his sci fi epic Black Seeds!  As the residents of an alien world face the onslaught of an invasion, they weigh releasing the Black Seed, their planet’s powerful protectors.  Cobets has a keen knack for creating really cool action stories built on a firm foundation of mystery!  I really enjoyed the action and morality elements of Black Seeds, but my favorite part was uncovering the origins of the mysterious Black Seed.  Cobets layers his world with fascinating history that captured my interest all the way through the novella!  If it’s action, mystery, or sci fi resistance novels you love, come fight the invader with Black Seeds!


Kathryn Foster

Kathryn Foster hits us with a thought-provoking young adult thriller in Downstream!  Claudia’s life takes a swift detour from the typical teenage worries when her science experiment uncovers a secret that dangerous people would prefer to keep buried.  I love a good conspiracy thriller, but Downstream is so unique as it couples the classic genre with all the best parts of YA drama!  It was tense, but also emotional and deep (not a water pun here).  I also found Foster’s depth of knowledge (again not a pun) about the watershed to be fascinating, especially in how she writes this thriller to be able to be used in school lessons without getting in the way of the story.  If you love thrillers, YA, or even water clean up projects, which this book supports, then come let Downstream wash over you (okay, this one’s a water pun)!

Ashes in Venice

Gojan Nikolich

Gojan Nikolich sends us on a brutal tale of revenge, murder, and mystery in Ashes in Venice!  Frank Savic has problems of his own, namely his growing debt due to a gambling addiction, but when he’s called out of retirement to catch a murderer who appears to be hunting murderers, he finds that his problems are just beginning.  Nikolich floods Ashes in Venice with interesting characters you instantly want to know more about.  Frank has a fascinating moral struggle, hunting the very killer that might save him from his woes.  A mother gets wrapped up in the investigation, desperate to avenge her son.  And the murderer is a very unique and multilayered character.  All of this is set against the beautiful-yet-gritty backdrop of Venice.  Ashes in Venice is a brutally fun ride, perfect for anyone who loves a darker psychological detective thriller!

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