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I Always Loved You

Asa Rodriguez

Asa Rodriguez explores the deep meaning of love and the human experience in I Always Loved You!  Rodriguez asks some of the great age-old questions like ‘what is love’ and ‘why do some people never get to experience it.’  It’s a really interesting walkthrough in the philosophy of love and what makes life worth living!  This is a very thoughtful book that also engages with your emotions, and you leave feeling a little more enlightened than when you came in.  If you love philosophical books with a warm uplifting message, come explore the realm of the heart in I Always Loved You!


Coronavirus: Race for the Cure

Marcus Seitz

Marcus Seitz gives us a timely medical thriller with Coronavirus: Race for the Cure!  Two scientists from across the globe battle against time in their search for a cure to Coronavirus.  Written during the earlier days of the pandemic, Seitz actually has some very accurate things in his thriller that came to pass.  It’s Seitz’s realism and the really likeable and believable characters that he created that makes this book so compelling though!  We all may be tired of coronavirus, but don’t miss out on a really engaging medical thriller!  At the very least, give it a shot!



Sherri Moorer

Sherri Moorer grips us with a creepy and suspenseful mystery in Resonance!  Twins Kieran and Kaytlin live on a secluded wooded estate, a creepy enough locale already.  But when strange things start to happen, it’s up to the two to figure out what’s really going on.  I loved the more mysterious nature of this short story, and Moorer does a great job building the atmosphere and characters in such a short span!  This story has a neat twist, so if you love surprises and suspenseful short fiction, come take up residence in the guest house in Resonance!


The Conflict Within

Dan Long Jr.

Dan Long Jr. plunges the United States into a second Civil War in The Conflict Within!  The United States has spiraled into economic chaos, and after several unpopular government initiatives intended to solve the crisis fall flat, half the country rebels.  Things are only made more complicated as Russia takes advantage of the situation.  Long splices real world facts and speculation to build an interesting and realistic take on what a second Civil War would look like!  I was reminded pleasantly of Tom Clancy as the novel slowly built towards a very exciting second act.  If you love political thrillers and alternate history, come rebel your way through The Conflict Within!



Kristian Joseph

Kristian Joseph takes us on an action-packed cyberpunk adventure filled with betrayal and interesting characters in Sunlight!  As a kingdom begins to fall to the sinister plots of a neighboring dictatorship, one man must recover his memories in order to stop the invasion.  Joseph builds a wonderfully complicated dystopian plot, filled to the brim with excellent characters!  Here, you’ll discover unshackled AI, fugitive doctors, and exo soldiers.  The great variety and depth of characters constantly drew me into this one, as well as the mystery of Sam and his past.  If you love cyberpunk, dystopian fiction, or just interesting sci fi characters, come bask in the vibrant and gritty world of Sunlight!


There Was Music

J.D. Grubb

J.D. Grubb gives us a very artsy and fascinating look at survival in a unique fantasy world with There Was Music!  Prisoner 43-1-12 must survive in the strange war torn world of Illirium, a place filled with danger and supernatural creatures.  The world Grubb created is fascinating and imaginative, but this is a story really focused on character.  The character journey in this one is meaningful and really well-crafted, driving home the book’s theme in a great emotional way!  If you love post-apocalyptic fiction with a deep heart, come wander the wilds in There Was Music!


Achieve Your Goals With Quests

Morgan Addison

Morgan Addison teaches us how to make life and work an adventure in Achieve Your Goals With Quests!  Addison’s quick guide teaches how to turn difficult tasks and goals into fun bite-sized pieces.  The guide is separated into fun segments that show how to view your life as an adventure filled with quests, how to start a guild with other adventurers, how to create a map for your journey, and how to overcome obstacles.  I really loved the fun fantasy video game feel of this guide, but also the solid underlying notions of how to achieve goals and view the world with a more positive light!  If you’d like some great advice on how to tackle your obstacles and achieve what you set out to do, come set out on this tutorial quest (don’t worry, you won’t have to kill ten rats)!


Dream Prophet: Awakening

Colleen Tews

Colleen Tews thrusts us into a civil war between witches and werewolves in Dream Prophet: Awakening!  When the Alpha of the world’s leading werewolf pack dies, a power vacuum is formed.  The tensions only increase when Rhianne, a werewolf who is secretly also a witch, begins having strange dreams.  Throwing witches into the mix really put a new twist on the supernatural genre, and Tews does a great job of building the tension and mystery!  If you love supernatural thrillers with a healthy dose of romance thrown in, definitely come take a bite out of Dream Prophet: Awakening!

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