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A Discerning Eye

Carol Orange

Carol Orange sets us on the exciting quest to recover stolen art with A Discerning Eye!  After the theft of several famous pieces, art dealer Portia Malatesta is recruited by the FBI to help catch the criminal.  But she quickly realizes that she may be in over her head as she’s plunged into a world of crime and cartels.  I loved Orange’s writing and building the wonderful and relatable character Portia!  This book was exciting, intriguing, and I loved the unique insights into art as well.  If you love a bit of mystery, art, or even spy fiction, definitely come catch a thief in A Discerning Eye!

Tales of the Lost Horizon

Michael Eging

Michael Eging delights and terrifies with a wonderful collection of genre-spanning short stories and poems in Tales of the Lost Horizon!  From gods to zombies to sci fi, I never knew what to expect next, and that mystery and variety was part of the charm of Tales!  Eging masterfully crafts the writing and feel for each poem and story, deftly navigating the twisting genres.  Each story was illustrated by a different artist with their own unique style which really added to the fun and sense of freshness and variety in this one!  If you love short stories that draw you in and have great twists, as well as cool art, definitely come explore the strange realms of Tales of the Lost Horizon!

Everything, Somewhere

David Kummer

David Kummer paints a vivid and enthralling picture of rural American life and mental illness in Everything, Somewhere!  Struggling with his demons, a Hollywood actor finds his way to the small town of Little Rush.  Three high schoolers, all dealing with their own things, find themselves drawn into this strange man’s circle.  Kummer brilliantly depicts life in a small town, almost making the town a character itself with his powerful writing!  I was drawn in by the depth of the characters and the feeling of each of their emotional journeys.  This is a slight departure from Kummer’s typical horror/thriller style, but the powerful depiction of the characters and town had me just as engrossed.  If you are looking for a deep and emotional read, definitely come visit Little Rush in Everything, Somewhere!


T.K. Arispe

T.K. Arispe brings us an exciting science fantasy adventure with Skydwellers!  Skydweller Rohui breaks the eons of separation between the people of the sky and of the land as he goes in search of a group who can help him stop the Faemor, a conspiracy bent on controlling the minds of all people.  Arispe’s world is fresh and exciting, and I loved the blend of fantasy and sci fi!  The characters are really fun too, which really drew me into the quest of this one.  If you love fantasy with plenty of action, wit, and great characters all set against the backdrop of a unique world, definitely come take the leap into the sky with Skydwellers!

The Poisoned Princess

Armen Pogharian

Armen Pogharian sets up an Avengers-esque fantasy epic with The Poisoned Princess!  Half elf barbarian Toran finds work in a rundown tavern.  But when he stumbles into an assassination attempt, he finds himself joining an unlikely band of heroes to stop a catastrophe.  I really loved Toran and Pogharian’s cast of characters and rich fantasy world!  It was really fun to see this Avengers sort of team of fantasy characters begin to come together in this exciting kick off to the series.  If you love deeper fantasy with great characters, definitely come stumble into the thieves quarter in The Poisoned Princess!

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