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Perception and Deception III

Andrea Hintz

Andrea Hintz returns us to the exciting life of former FBI agent Faith Evans in Perception and Deception III!  Faith gets called back to her former job to investigate a tough case, something she wants to decline until she discovers that her old partner’s teenage grandson has been kidnapped.  Now she must go undercover as a high schooler in order to find him.  Hintz packs in all the action, suspense, and character-driven drama that makes this series so much fun!  I really enjoyed getting to spend more time with Faith, and the well-wrapped plot offers some genuine surprises.  If you love spy/investigation lit with some good character drama, then go undercover in Perception and Deception III!


Thriller Games

Samantha Coil

Samantha Coil regales us with a tale of a tortured soul searching for answers in Thriller Games!  Having suffered a deep trauma in her childhood, Eleanor is now searching for answers about her past, a search that may lead her down the path of revenge.  Coil builds a tense tale right from the very first page, and Eleanor has an interesting, if not tragic, character arc!  There are some scenes about abuse, so this book might be challenging for some readers.  If you have a tough stomach and love psychological thrillers, then this one is for you!


Alien Hothouse

JMJ Williamson

JMJ Williamson has a very different take on a close encounter in Alien Hothouse!  After their ship crashed on her farm, a woman shelters a group of alien women.  When a bank threatens to take over the farm and expose her secret, she must find a way to help them get home.  Williamson manages to capture your attention right off in this one and never lets go!  This quirky story is kind of like a more adult version of ET, and it was honestly a lot of fun because of it!  If you love alien books, especially a different take on the old genre, then get beamed up in this fast-paced adventure!


Whispers in the Wine Cellar

Keeley Webb

The intense search for missing women is on in Keeley Webb’s Whispers in the Wine Cellar!  A florist is abducting a variety of women to keep for his own sadistic purposes.  As the search ramps up, he bears down leading the women to wonder, will any of them survive their ordeal?  Webb does a great job of getting you in each of the characters’ heads!  It’s an intimate and intense read that keeps you on the edge all the way through, perfect for fans of The Bone Collector or Kiss the Girls!


The Forest of Allund

Wilbur Arron

Wilbur Arron treats us to a world of magic and discovery in The Forest of Allund!  Returning home, mage Alexio becomes the caretaker of a magical wood.  He learns much from the creatures and interesting characters there, but when an invading army threatens to destroy that which he loves, Alexio must turn that which he learned into battlecraft.  I love the sense of discovery Arron has instilled in his world!  It was exciting to see what Alexio would encounter and learn next.  It made me care about the world, which upped the stakes as war came to threaten it.  If you’re looking for an immersive fantasy experience, then take a trip into the perilous Forest of Allund!


My Cousin, The Piney

Tony DiGerolamo

Join the Galloways in the hunt for monsters in Tony DiGerolamo’s My Cousin the Piney!  In the same event that brought the Jersey Devil into our reality, hundreds of demons were released into the world.  Now the Galloway cousins must gear up for the hunt to save the small town of Abe’s Hat.  DiGerolamo strikes the delightful balance between humor, action, lore, and endearing character moments to make this a great kickoff to a series I’m excited to continue!

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