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Daniel Peyton

Daniel Peyton produces some compelling Christian sci fi in Remnant!  Anna is one of the few Christians left in a future that scorns them.  But when a discovery is made on the other side of the galaxy, it flings her and her robot Z on an adventure that tests her faith to the breaking point.  Peyton writes a great sci fi novel that’s for more than just Christians, but I also really loved the spirituality of it and the way it makes you think deeper!  This is a good one for those who love deeper layers to their science fiction!


Blood Red Dust

Stuart Aken

Stuart Aken tells humanity’s harrowing tale of survival offworld in Blood Red Dust!  As Earth falls apart, the Chosen are sent to set up a sustainable Utopian colony on Mars.  Unfortunately, they must contend not only with the normal set of challenges of living on an alien world, but also with a death cult hellbent on striking humanity from existence.  I loved the realism in Aken’s writing and especially his creative use of a variety of records to tell his story!  Aken’s writing always has great moral depth laced with heart-pumping tension so check this one out if you’re in for some sci fi with an edge!


The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids

Carole P. Roman

Carole Roman collects a ton of fun in one place in The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids!  Roman packs some great jokes into this tome, but also fun illustrations and interesting facts that spruce up its pages.  If you love jokes (or if you suck at them and want to get better like me) then I highly recommend this one for you!


Escape from Abundance

Shanna Swenson

Shanna Swenson brings us back to the beloved town of Abundance in Escape from Abundance!  Trying to evade the police who are tracking him on suspicion of his brother’s murder, Cole breaks down in Abundance.  He takes up a job on Kinsen ranch in an attempt to lay low, not looking to put down roots on his route out of the country, but plans have a way of changing, especially when love gets in the way.  Swenson’s writing is as heartfelt as ever.  She has a wonderful way of making you fall in love with her characters and their plight!  When a novel creates a setting that you would actually like to live in, it’s definitely worth your time so check out Escape from Abundance!


PB & J

Christine Reynebeau

Christine Reynebeau details the harrowing plight of many kids in PB & J!  We’ve all been there, trying to get the jelly jar open and being defeated every time.  Lucy tries a variety of things to solve this problem.  I really liked Reynebeau’s fun approach to addressing perseverance and problem solving for kids!  This picture book was fun and had a good moral message so check it out if you want to talk about persistence with young kiddos!



G.A. Renteria

G.A. Renteria brings us on a great adventure of intrigue in Tenebrous!  Knight Sehren finds himself the target of an insidious conspiracy that threatens his family and the very foundations of the kingdom of Candrama.  Sehren is a great character, both realistic and tragic, as is Renteria’s world.  The writing in this book is excellent and Renteria never shies away from throwing unseen twists at you!  If you like a lot of intrigue packed into your fantasy, come check this one out!


Magic Ear Kids

Joey Lynn Resciniti

Joey Lynn Resciniti tells a heartwarming and informative story about battling hearing loss in Magic Ear Kids!  Resciniti walks us through her daughter’s struggle in learning to speak and hear while growing up with hearing loss.  I thought the personal nature of this story/guide was very touching, and Resciniti lays out some great advice written in a very narrative easy to understand way!  If you or someone you know has hearing loss, this is a great story to check out!


Kin: Horror in Moonshine Holler

J.B. Richards

J.B. Richards spools a nail biting thriller in Kin: Horror in Moonshine Holler!  When high schooler Jeremiah is killed in a car crash one evening, his family seeks dark and grizzly revenge.  I love a good revenge flick and Richards brings this one to life with intensity and a good balance between horror and story!  I also really enjoyed the depth of the setting and family Richards created!  Check this one out if you love the Appalachian region or revenge thrillers!


Period of Mourning

Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson tells a compelling ghost story in Period of Mourning!  Rene and her husband struggled in life, but when he passes away after a mugging gone bad, Rene finds that her struggle is just beginning.  I really like how Robinson fleshes out the character of the vengeful ghost in this story so it’s not just a prop for some jump scares, and you really fall in love with Rene and her plight!  Check out Period of Mourning if you’re looking for a fresh take on the old haunting trope!


Letters to Helen

Kayt Roth

Kayt Roth hits us with such a fantastic emotional piece in Letters to Helen!  When Mattie’s fiancé’s mistress (whew!) kills herself, it throws Mattie’s life into turmoil.  She seeks solace in her friend Helen, but discovers she can feel love and trust again through a chance encounter with a man named Mark.  It sounds a little convoluted, but it never feels that way, and Roth’s writing is packed with great emotional depth!  This novel teaches that there’s more love in the heart than anyone knows and it’ll make you cry if you give it a chance!

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