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William Bradshaw, King of the Goblins

Arthur Daigle

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Arthur Daigle immediately captured the humor and magic of any Jim Henson film in his original novel William Bradshaw, King of the Goblins.  When William Bradshaw goes in for an interview at a law firm, he finds himself flung on an adventure he never expected.  Filled with fun quirky memorable characters, this book is a must for anyone looking for the spirit of Henson and the Muppets!


Civil Blood

Chris Hepler

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

One thing I’ve always loved about Chris Hepler’s writing is his talented ability to add scientific facts and backing to an extraordinary plot making it sound believable while maintaining its interesting fast pace.  From the lofty future universe of Mass Effect to vampire-riddled America, Hepler is an expert at crafting stories with depth.  His latest, Civil Blood, doesn’t disappoint.  When a state-sponsored vampire hunter gets infected with the disease, her life isn’t the only one that changes.  One part Blade, one part A Time to Kill, this novel is anything but cliché and draws you along till the very end like you’re caught in the hypnotic spell of a vampire.


Pack or Prey

Melissa Graham

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

We all need an escape now and then.  I personally like to dive into a good book or video game.  In Melissa Graham’s Pack or Prey, Harley is looking to escape her family with a healthy dose of teenage rebellion.  This is where Graham’s writing shines.  This could have been any other teenage angsty werewolf book, but Graham’s tone is witty, descriptive, and realistic making this book fly by with ease.  I found myself caring about the characters and on edge for what happens next.  A good read for both werewolf romance lovers and action fans alike!


Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon

Gabriel Bacopa

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I dove into Gabriel Bacopa’s Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon, but what I found was something deeply cerebral.  Bacopa’s philosophical examination was both interesting but confusing at times.  Sometimes the book suffers from too much depth, but all around a fascinating read if you are in the mood for something beyond surface level.


Parables of Wisdom

Prasad Gogada

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Prasad Gogada’s communication of stories in Parables of Wisdom was filled with depth and inspiration.  Gogada calls for you to question and ultimately seek peace and happiness.  I walked away from each parable filled with a surprising insight.  A great quick read for those inquisitive minds out there!


Nobody Looked at their Phones

Brandon Koss

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Brandon Koss’ Nobody Looked at their Phones is a fast paced fun story set in ordinary life.  It is character that drives this story.  I loved college students Doug and Steve’s witty interactions as they travel through a mundane life.  Steve’s paranoia about robots takes center stage, a quirk that builds until the book’s fun ‘smash’ ending!  All around a great humorous read for any fans of Clerks out there!


Jewel of the Adriatic

KM Daughters

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

I found Jewel of the Adriatic by KM Daughters to be an endearing, light-hearted romance.  It had several twists and turns, and realistic emotions, but none of that hard grittiness that I feel plagues romance today.  This one was like a gentle sea breeze for the soul and I enjoyed taking its journey across the world.


Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Lydia Francis

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

I’ve never suffered from long term depression or anxiety, but I know several people that do.  Lydia Francis’ guide Overcoming Anxiety and Depression offers great tips to combat the two diseases.  It’s well organized starting with definitions for everything and moving on to a step by step guide to help those with chronic anxiety or depression.  Francis’ tools are also great in creating mindfulness for those not suffering from the diseases.  Very useful for anyone to promote a more compassionate happy life!



Jean Baxter

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

High school senior Mike’s life is going great—he just graduated and is about to head off to college—when he learns that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant.  Jean Baxter’s Salvageable is a powerful tale of the ups and downs of young parents trying to make it in life.  Well written and emotional, this is a great hopeful read for any It’s a Wonderful Life fans out there!


Grow Up Your Ego

Jeannette Gagan

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Dr. Jeannette Gagan makes a case for the bridge between psychology and spirituality in her guide Grow Up Your Ego.  Well organized and packed with information, I found Gagan’s argument compelling.  She offers a lot of interesting info about the ego and a great guide of how to mature and nurture your own ego in a way that promotes health and compassion.  A great read for anyone looking for a little enlightenment!



Anil Manoharan

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

When Nil is cast down from the government in shame, he takes the long road to rebuilding his life.  Unexpected by Anil Manoharan was an interesting, mysterious, and inspiring tale.  As Nil finds a box of letters intended for someone else, he is led down the path to self discovery and a truly unexpected end.


The Walls Are Too Thin

Shabana Mukhtar

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

We’ve all had a crazy neighbor at some point in time.  One of mine literally used to play racket ball in their kitchen!  In Shabana Mukhtar’s flash fiction compendium The Walls Are Too Thin, you get to meet a bunch of them.  This quirky book reminded me of the Canterbury Tales in a way as our main character travels and is always situated next to noisy or odd neighbors.  It’s a book with a lot of character, great for anyone who has experienced similar travelling woes!


Tales from the Rift

Bruce Levine

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Bruce Levine’s Tales from the Rift is a story within a story.  Metter, a space cargo runner, is a Han Solo-esque scoundrel who has run into money problems.  And like Solo, his attempts to solve those problems get sidetracked in a hilarious way.  I liked Metter and Levine’s writing and would recommend this one for anyone looking for a fun getaway amongst the stars!


When Babel Floods

Daniel Mainwaring

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Daniel Mainwaring’s When Babel Floods was a mixed bag consisting of all good parts.  Mainwaring sets up a desperate world on the brink of apocalypse whose only refuge is a manmade island in the middle of the Atlantic.  But the island is more than a vacation spot and may very well be connected with the world’s woes.  Mainwaring’s writing is fast paced and interesting, filled with espionage and discovery sure to satisfy any sci fi or thriller fans out there!


Nuttycracker Sweet

Megan O’Russell

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

Megan O’Russell’s Nuttycracker Sweet is, like the title implies, sweet.  When master ballet dancer Elle’s flight is delayed by a storm, she is forced to make new plans to stay with a womanizing colleague.  O’Russell’s writing is fun, witty, and believable and I was pleasantly reminded of romantic classics like While You Were Sleeping.  A perfect romance for the holidays!


If I Was Real…

Uri Norwich

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

In Uri Norwich’s novella If I Was Real… we get to see snapshots across a man’s life from fleeing the Soviet Union to finding a new life.  This is a story of rebirth, of creating a new life and identity.  It highlights some of the struggles that migrants face.  An interesting read written from an equally interesting perspective.


Meeting the Regulars

Paris Singer

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

I always found stories of what happens after you die fascinating.  Paris Singer’s Meeting the Regulars follows a kiddo as he navigates the creepy afterlife.  This is a very Limbo like scenario populated with evil and good.  Sometimes spooky, sometimes hopeful, it was an interesting and exciting read!


Dexter Boomstick

M.P. Lombardo

Rating: 5 Shrimps!

While taking some obvious inspiration from the classic Evil Dead, M.P. Lombardo’s Dexter Boomstick is its own enjoyable animal.  Dexter Boomstick’s life gets turned upside down pretty quickly in this post apocalyptic thriller.  It’s actiony and fun, but I also enjoyed that it sported a bit of depth and emotion as well.  A good read for anyone who loves the greats like Shaun of the Dead or Evil Dead!


Phantom Rage

William Blackwell

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

As a small island town is besieged by visitors from the other side, all hell breaks loose.  William Blackwell’s Phantom Rage is creepy and full of twists, populated by an interesting cast of realistic characters.  A great read for any fans of Phantoms out there!


A Looming of Vultures

Richard Storry

Rating: 4 Shrimps!

Richard Storry’s A Looming of Vultures was both poetic and intriguing!  As two realms war with one another, a second secret war is happening amongst the overindulgent ruling class.  This Robin Hood-esque tale is full of intrigue and action, but it’s almost written like a poem with beautiful imagery and cadence.  All around a lovely work of art and I look forward to seeing where the story goes next!

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