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Dolly Pleasance

C.W. Lovatt

C.W. Lovatt captures a time of great strife and change through the life of an actress in the heart-wrenching historic drama Dolly Pleasance!  Despite poverty and abuse, young woman Dolly manages to climb onto the stage, becoming a lead actress in 1800s London.  We follow Dolly as she loves and loses, finds fame and fortune, and even must contend with a murderer.  Lovatt really manages to capture the grime and glamor of the time period, bringing it to life with some gorgeous description!  Dolly was also a wonderful character to follow, and you really couldn’t help but feel for her plight.  If you love a good period piece, the theatre, or emotional dramas, then step on stage with Dolly Pleasance!

Once a Pun a Time

Wolf Cub Chlo

Wolf Cub Chlo brings us a smile and a fun read with the children’s joke book Once a Pun a Time!  This book definitely made me smile, especially since it was a kiddo who created it!  There are tons of great jokes in here, and there are fun illustrations on each page making them accessible for all ages.  I also really enjoyed the second part of the book which coaches you in how to create jokes.  All around, this is a fun read with clean jokes, perfect for anyone looking for a bit of humor and a smile!

Where Did Grandpa Go?

Mrs. D

Mrs. D is back to bring us another adorable tale of Grandpa’s mischief in Where Did Grandpa Go!  Grandma sends Grandpa on a simple errand, but Grandpa decides to take the road less travelled, resulting in a bit of adventure.  I love how Mrs. D teaches life lessons in a fun (often outrageous) way!  This was a really fun way to show kiddos that people have different ways of doing things, and that everyone works at a different pace.  Accompanied by fun illustrations, this would be a wonderful addition to any classroom or household with younger kiddos!


S.V. Byrnes and Mark Smith

S.V. Byrnes and Mark Smith bring us a harrowing, and strangely informative, tale of the fall of society and survival in the aftermath with Withdrawal!  Disaster strikes and society as we know it collapses, leaving the residents of a small town to band together and face the challenges of survival in a post apocalyptic world.  Byrnes and Smith write a really interesting post apocalyptic thriller, but what sets Withdrawal apart is the depth the authors go into about actual survival techniques.  It was really interesting what the characters do to weather their situation, and there were several fascinating ‘aha’ moments!  If you love post apocalyptic fiction or even survival guides, definitely come take a look at the end of one world and the beginning of a new one with Withdrawal!

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