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The Finest Lies

David Naiman

David Naiman explores that age old question ‘if you had the option to replace your sibling, would you (or should you)’ in the tense adventure The Finest Lies!  What a difference a day can make!  High schooler Nicole is approached by a strange man with an offer to replace her brother Jay with a new one, something she jumps at.  But one must always be careful what they wish for, and Nicole quickly finds herself playing a dangerous game in order to save her brother.  I loved the tension Naiman built into this novel, but it’s the emotion that really draws you in and grips you!  The characters were fantastic, driving home that this is a story about family and what that word really means.  If you’re looking for an adventure (or to get rid of your sibling), definitely come make some dangerous deals with The Finest Lies!

The Path of the Stone

Christine Duts

Christine Duts tells two exciting parallel adventures centered around protecting a magical stone from an evil being in The Path of the Stone!  After accidentally stealing the magic stone from a party, Eva and her ex boyfriend Darryn are transported to the past.  Back in the present, Eva’s brother Daniel retrieves the stone, accidentally releasing the evil being Aeron from it.  Now both siblings must confront monsters and work with unlikely allies as they seek to protect the stone from Aeron in two different time periods.  This was a really fun adventure filled with all the creatures and lore you could want from a mythological epic!  The time travel and double plot aspects of the story were great, and the characters were fun and meaningful!  Anyone who reads my reviews knows that I love Percy Jackson, and this is a book that definitely captured a lot of that feel.  If you love mythology, definitely come travel through time with The Path of the Stone!

An Excess Of…

Stuart Aken

Stuart Aken throws us into the middle of a survival thriller with a splash of romance in An Excess Of!  Six strangers are stranded on a desert island, forced to overcome their prejudices and preconceptions in order to survive.  But tensions will rise, along with some romances and intrigue.  Aken offers plenty of thrills and twists, but the tensions and dueling philosophies between the survivors was what intrigued me the most!  It was a fascinating metaphor for humanity as a whole seeing these people with a variety of backgrounds and beliefs help or harm one another for various reasons.  If you’re looking for a survival thriller with depth, philosophy, and romance, come splash up on the island in An Excess Of!

Jesus Christ Divided

Michael LaFond

Michael LaFond gives us a new look and analysis of early Christianity in Jesus Christ Divided!  LaFond guides us through the New Testament, reordering it in chronological order.  In his guide, LaFond offers analysis of Revelation symbols along with archeological evidence.  LaFond’s claims on some of the events in early Christianity could be considered controversial by some, but I thought he did a good job of presenting a thoughtful analysis and eliminating bias!  If you’re looking to deepen your spiritual knowledge and take a closer look at a tumultuous time in history, definitely come take a look at Jesus Christ Divided!

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