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Hunted in the Valley

C.R. Pugh

C.R. Pugh spices up the supernatural romance genre with a bit of action in Hunted in the Valley!  Ravyn flees her home to keep her secret from being exploited, but after meeting Thorne, a commander from a different clan, she finds her secret may be the only thing that can save them all.  Pugh’s writing is vivid, capturing all the great feelings that make this genre fun to read!  The plot had great twists too, making Hunted in the Valley perfect for any supernatural lovers out there!


Waking up at Rembrandt’s

Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Thomas Lloyd Qualls crafts a beautiful emotional piece in Waking up at Rembrandt’s!  Spiritual guru Jillian helps several patrons of Café Rembrandt find their way back to the light.  I loved the variety of characters Qualls pursues, and seeing the completion of each’s journey was greatly satisfying!  Check this one out if you’re looking for a good emotional piece with depth!


Devel Django: A Dark Wave Journey

D.S. Quinton

D.S. Quinton dreams up a nightmarish vision of the future in Devel Django: A Dark Wave Journey!  Brad and Cora get wrapped up in a meteor shower, one that rains down an ancient virus on the earth, a terrifying disease that promises gruesome death.  They are subsequently hunted by General Keller, a man hellbent on finding a cure for the disease at any cost, even their lives.  This book was tense and I really love the depth and twists of Quinton’s story and how it connected back to the origins of life!  Check this one out if you’re looking for a thriller with substance!


Cloud Whispers

Sedona Hutton

Sedona Hutton explores the connection between mother and child in Cloud Whispers!  This was a touching emotional piece as Kate finds connection with her child through dreams.  It’s a bit mind bending at times, but Hutton’s writing is packed with depth!  Cloud Whispers is beautifully emotional, perfect for anyone looking for a good heart punch!


The Fall of Lilith

Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Vashti Quiroz-Vega paints a fascinatingly dark picture of the dawn of creation in The Fall of Lilith!  As angels rebel against God following Lilith, humanity falls into their crosshairs.  Quiroz-Vega’s look at a time before humanity was incredibly intriguing, filled with depth and action that kept me flipping for more!  Check this one out if you love angels or fantasy with a darker twist!


A Rebel Star

Alyssa Rae

Alyssa Rae sets up a great moralistic adventure in A Rebel Star!  Marienela leaves the comfort of a privileged London life in search of her mother’s history.  Arriving in Africa, she meets the Ogoni people and discovers that her father is their oppressor leaving her with the question: does she leave them to their fate or fight back against her own family?  Rae’s writing is rich with depth and emotion, and I just loved Marienela’s difficult moral situation!  Check this one out if you’re looking for a meaningful adventure!


Motivation from

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu compiles a great collection of motivational quotes and articles in Motivation from!  Antonimuthu pulls together sayings from great thinkers like Lincoln and Gandhi, as well as helpful tips for leading a positive life.  I really loved the variety of the collection and its straightforward approach.  Check this one out if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration!


Rhyme and Reason

Kate Rauner

Kate Rauner blends science and art in her poetry collection Rhyme and Reason!  Rauner’s poems range from whimsical to heartfelt, and all have something to teach.  I personally love poetry, but this one’s great for any science enthusiasts as well!  I wasn’t sure how well science principles would blend with prose, but Rauner pulls off the balance in a spectacular way that’s worthy of your time!


Goblin’s Goop

Richard Rensberry

The battle begins between bugs and goblins in Richard Rensberry’s Goblin’s Goop!  As goblins labor away in their factories creating pesticides and nasty concoctions, the bugs seek to find a solution to this sinister plot.  This children’s book was a lot of fun, and the quality of Rensberry’s writing, art, and message was excellent!  It’s sort of like a modern day Lorax so go check it out if you too wish to speak for the trees (and bugs)!

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