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Amaranthine Thoughts

Ajitha Amarnath

Ajitha Amarnath enlightens us with beautiful and uplifting thoughts with the collection Amaranthine Thoughts!  This collection of Amarnath’s short quotes is easy to read, and I was truly surprised by the depth they exhibited.  I was in a place when I read this where I needed something uplifting, and this collection spoke exactly what I needed to hear!  The quotes all speak to love, understanding, and togetherness, and they each came with a nice picture too.  If you’re looking for a quick and uplifting read, definitely come be inspired with Amaranthine Thoughts!

The Witness

S.A. Felix

S.A. Felix writes a beautiful and intriguing love story in The Witness!  Atsushi is a Witness, someone who helps the revived dead find their way to the afterlife by making amends in this life.  But when Atsushi finds himself falling in love with his newest client, he struggles with the choice to send him on into the next life.  Felix’s set up was intriguing right from the get go, but I loved how this one draws you into the mystery of who these people are and what’s going on all throughout!  And, of course, the beautiful romance takes center stage.  It’s a tender and touching book with a satisfying conclusion that I enjoyed very much.  If you love mystery and romance, definitely come journey to the next life with The Witness!

The Careless Fraudster

John Hopkins

John Hopkins drops us into the middle of a tense conspiracy thriller in The Careless Fraudster!  When working for a consultancy agency, Steven Palmer befriends a Russian billionaire.  As their friendship grows, Palmer soon learns that the billionaire is involved in less than legitimate business, and that knowledge may not be safe for Palmer to carry around.  Hopkins builds the tension well, from the early innocent get togethers to Palmer slowly discovering what’s really going on.  I was pleasantly reminded of tense thrillers like The Firm as Palmer was put out of his element!  If you love psychological thrillers or even spy novels, definitely come make some billionaire friends with The Careless Fraudster!

The Shadow’s Grasp

Courtney Lillard

Courtney Lillard throws us into the battle between angels and demons with The Shadow’s Grasp!  Coura jumps at her chance to test out her magic abilities and explore the land with her mentor, but she soon learns that there is more to her journey, and more than one group is keenly interested in her fate.  I loved the group of characters in Lillard’s fantasy, but I especially loved the lore of this world!  It was really interesting learning about the struggle between angels and demons and their connection to Coura.  If you love fantasy, especially classics like Dragon Age, definitely come do a bit of slaying in The Shadow’s Grasp!

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