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Fiona Faith Ross

Fiona Faith Ross puts us in the magical battle to save a forest in Destruction!  For reasons unbeknownst to her, student Lucy is called upon by a dryad to save a magical forest.  Unfortunately, doing so means standing against her crush.  Ross balances the magic of the story with the clean romance perfectly, drawing me in and making me fall in love with Lucy’s plight!  Lucy is a great character, and her romantic entanglements were what drew me in the most, although the magical plot was intriguing as well.  If you love magic, fae, saving the environment, or romance, definitely come save a tree with Destruction!

A Matter of Love and Death

Carmen Radtke

Carmen Radtke thrusts us into the struggle to prevent a murder in the cozy mystery A Matter of Love and Death!  It’s the 1930s and telephone line operator Frances overhears two people plotting a murder.  After confiding in nightclub owner Jack, the two set out to get to the bottom of what’s happening in order to save a life.  This was a really fun mystery, and I absolutely love how it was set in the time period that was the heart of classic mysteries!  And no good mystery is complete without strong and colorful main characters, something Radtke achieves with Jack and Frances.  Their back and forth, the overall twists of the case, and the charm of the setting all made this an exciting first entry to a series I’m looking forward to diving further into!

A New Day Dawns

Terry Lister

Terry Lister is back with another exciting exploration of West Africa in A New Day Dawns!  Lister loves a bit of adventure, taking us along for the ride as he explores other countries in his personal travel guides.  I love Lister’s personal adventures and highlights, but what intrigued me the most about this one was how Lister focused it around how the countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and Ghana have all coped with disasters and strife, and how some are recovering to great effect!  It was really exciting to see this look at several places and people that are not often highlighted to the world.  As with Lister’s other West Africa guide, the addition of photos of some of these places was a nice touch.  If you love travel and want to take a deeper dive into Africa, grab your passport and head out with A New Day Dawns!

Daughters of Legacy

Simon Wright

Simon Wright brings us a fun and epic fantasy adventure with Daughters of Legacy!  When legendary hero Rork Timarr passes away from old age, his four daughters reunite to lay him to rest.  Unfortunately, that’s not the only reunion as Rork’s old nemesis, a necromancer, resurfaces, threatening the land and forcing the four to overcome their differences in order to save Primedia.  I love Wright’s fresh take on epic fantasy (having a hero die of old age was a nice touch), and the diversity and realism of the four daughters made them really interesting and fun!  The focus of this one was this family dynamic, and it felt very natural and real, bringing the world of Primedia to life.  If you love epic fantasy with all the awesome fights, monsters, but especially a focus on character, definitely come join the family drama in Daughters of Legacy!

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