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Children of Serendipity

Simon Wright

Simon Wright brings us to the crossroads and the exciting conclusion of his awesome fantasy trilogy with Children of Serendipity!  The Fimarr sisters have rebuilt Primedia and brought peace to the land, but all this quickly changes when Mazt and his army invades.  Now it is up to the Fimarrs to once again fight for peace…and discover who is really pulling these dark strings.  I have loved Wright’s whole fantasy series, and a huge part of that is seeing how each installment pushes the series in new directions while staying true to that deep but fraught bond between the Fimarrs.  Children of Serendipity adds whole new elements to the series, and it was fun to follow some of the new characters as they unpacked the mystery of the real villain behind the war!  If you love your fantasy a bit darker and your characters a bit deeper, definitely come save Primedia with the Children of Serendipity!

Once Is Never Enough

Haris Orkin

James Flynn strikes again in Haris Orkin’s explosive and humorous spy thriller Once Is Never Enough!  James Flynn believes he’s a secret agent.  The only problem with that is that he’s completely crazy.  But when an even crazier madman threatens the world, it’s up to one crazy man to stop the other.  The first James Flynn novel was an absolutely delightful romp filled with humor, depth, and fun Bond-esque action, and the second delivers in that same wonderful vein!  There’s plenty of fun spy intrigue, but the best part of the book is to see how that overlaps with what’s actually happening outside Flynn’s skewed mind.  If you love Bond or spy comedies, grab your vodka martini and travel on a crazy adventure with Once Is Never Enough!

The Ambassador: Path to Contact

George Hahn

George Hahn transports us to a world of hard sci fi and first encounters with The Ambassador: Path to Contact!  Edward Goldstein has returned to Pitcairn with hopes of a more peaceful quiet life, but when an automated ship sends the signal that it has detected something alien, there doesn’t seem to be much hope of that.  I have really enjoyed getting to see Hahn’s universe evolve over time, and getting to see what unique aspect each book brings to the table.  Path to Contact brings in the really interesting element of an alien first contact and how that effects the politics of the colonies.  One of my favorite things about Hahn’s writing is how realistic it is, how plausible the situations are, and it was really fun to see this translated to an alien encounter!  If you’re looking for some realistic sci fi set in a universe that feels lived in and actually possible, definitely come try out your diplomacy with Path to Contact!

Shot to the Heart

Blair Denholm

Blair Denholm brings us more action and crime with the latest from his popular detective series Shot to the Heart, and this time it’s personal!  Detective Jack Lisbon flies back to London to see his daughter.  But when his daughter is abducted, Jack must assemble a group of ragtag fighters to get her back.  I’ve really enjoyed the whole Jack Lisbon series, but this one is my favorite yet!  I enjoyed the personal nature of this one with Jack having to defend his family, and it was a really tense and tightly wrapped thriller as Jack and his team worked through the list of unscrupulous characters in order to get the girl back.  If you love your detectives tough and your crime thrillers actiony, definitely come take a Shot to the Heart!

A Beautiful Land

Susan Miller

Susan Miller brings us a touching exploration of life in exile with A Beautiful Land!  When ethnic tensions turn to violence and genocide, Raissa and her family are uprooted from their normal lives.  We follow Raissa and other survivors as they attempt to pick up the pieces and move forward.  This is a very touching book and Miller masterfully brings fiction to life through the lives of several characters!  It was a wonderfully mesmerizing dive into these lives and struggles, and the book even takes on a mystical sense at times.  If you love moral struggles with depth and rich characters, definitely come explore A Beautiful Land!

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