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Engines of Night

John Paul Catton

John Paul Catton draws us into the darker world of speculative fiction with his short story collection Engines of Night!  Catton blends a series of genres from sci fi to steampunk, which gives a great variety to this collection.  Whether it’s evil angels in World War I or blackouts in the 70s leading to the discovery of a dark being, you never know what you’re going to get in this exploration of alternate history.  I had a lot of fun with this one, especially with that mixing of history, sci fi, and even a bit of horror!  It was just fun to see what would pop up next in the bizarre imagination (and excellent crisp writing) of Catton.  If you love steampunk, dark fantasy, or even historical fiction, definitely take a trip through the looking glass with Engines of Night!

Rope Break

Thomas Michaels

Thomas Michaels captures the fun and excitement of climbing the wrestling ladder in Rope Break!  Eddie Stedarro has always dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler and sets out on a quest to do just that despite the many challenges standing in his way.  I really enjoyed stepping back into the ring with Eddie as it reminded me of my youth when I was so into the WWF.  Michaels really captures the excitement and feel of the struggle to become a wrestler and take on the big bad who’s never been beaten!  If you love wrestling, definitely give them the chair in Rope Break!

Flower in Flames

Swit La Pound

Swit La Pound builds a powerful narrative against abuse in Flower in Flames!  La Pound tells several different stories of women and children forced to endure abuse.  Some are fortunate enough to escape their situation and build a new life while others are not.  I found La Pound’s narrative to be quite powerful in its message to highlight and end abuse.  The writing is also quite beautiful and often poetic at times!  If you’re looking for a deeper read, come battle widespread abuse with Flower in Flames!

Order of Dissension

Brian Dempsey

Brian Dempsey drops us into the middle of the desperate struggle to stop the apocalypse in Order of Dissension!  A chance meeting between a reporter and an FBI agent leads them on the path to discovering that the return of supernatural beings won’t herald the paradise humanity hopes for.  Dempsey builds a great thriller right from the mysterious and actiony beginning!  I loved the mystery in this one and seeing the characters slowly discover the terror of the unfolding apocalypse.  If you love apocalyptic fiction and that battle between Heaven and Hell, definitely come search for the truth in Order of Dissension!

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