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Portal of the Ancients

R. Benjamin Wesley

War burns through the galaxy in R. Benjamin Wesley’s Portal of the Ancients!  High priest Anormayne flees his planet to protect his apprentice.  Arriving on planet Urth, he must raise an army to fight back against the darkness coming to consume them.  I loved Wesley’s cool take on the battle of the angels and the mythology of his world!  This was an awesome read, perfect for any sci fi or mythology lovers out there!


A Game of Red

James Thomas

James Thomas masterfully blends the genres of serial killer horror and dystopian fiction in A Game of Red!  As a portion of Earth’s population is forced to live underground, Tommy discovers that not all of them are good-natured.  A serial killer is stalking the dark halls, and Tommy must race against time to stop him as he’s singled out Tommy’s girlfriend as his next victim.  I loved Thomas’ unique approach to the dystopian genre, and his writing kept me on edge all the way through!  This one’s great for horror and dystopian fans alike so be sure not to miss it!


Small Hearts

Bryan Dull

Bryan Dull hits us with a real mind-bending creep fest in Small Hearts!  Teacher Emily Sinclair is trying to pull her life back together after the loss of several of her students to a school shooting, a process complicated by the dark shadows that appear to be stalking her.  Together with a psychiatrist, she attempts to piece together what is real.  Dull builds the sinister vibe really well, and I really felt for Emily and her plight!  If you love your horror interlaced with some deep moral issues, definitely come check out this haunt!


Death of a Secret

Christy Mann

Christy Mann shows us the price of perfection in Death of a Secret!  Sarah Rosenthal is the daughter of a senator and has managed thus far to stay out of the spotlight.  But when someone attempts to blackmail her, Sarah soon discovers the steep price of perfection.  Mann manages to ratchet up the suspense all throughout the novel, and I really felt for Sarah!  I love Mann’s exciting moral examination of what is perfection, and what is it worth.  If you love thrillers with dark moral undertones, come check out a day in the life of a senator’s daughter!


Mama Said

Lee Allen Howard

Lee Allen Howard explores the darker reaches of what sons will do to impress their mothers in Mama Said!  Buddy gets shipped off to a farm while his mother tries to deal with his teenage sister’s pregnancy.  But when she shows up with her boyfriend, Buddy decides to take matters into his own hands.  Howard packs a lot of great moments into this chilling short story, and I especially loved the moral crossroads Buddy comes to!  This one’s short and sweet (in a dark way), and sticks with you long after reading!


All That’s Hidden

Susan Golden

Susan Golden hits us with a romance that’s both fun and suspenseful in All That’s Hidden!  Jennifer Allbright’s life seems to be going perfect with a successful business, a nice home, and a great husband.  But when creepy and shocking events hit, she begins to suspect that her husband may be hiding some big secrets.  Golden has captured that perfect balance between lighthearted romance and suspenseful plot that made this one so much fun to read!  I really loved Jennifer and her reactions to everything, so I can’t wait to take more adventures with her in the rest of the Sugar Shack series!


Murder at White Oak

Marko Realmonte

Marko Realmonte has crafted a murder mystery with a lot of fun twists in Murder at White Oak!  After being sent to boarding school, Jake Weston must navigate the complications of teenage love, all while trying to solve the murder of a student.  Now throw in a ghost and it’s a party!  Realmonte has blended multiple genres in a way that you wouldn’t believe would work, but I loved it!  The key to a good murder mystery is having a good main character, which Realmonte achieves in Jake.  Jake is funny and loveable, and I really enjoyed the romantic aspect of this story!  If you love murder mysteries, YA romance, or even Harry Potter, this one’s for you!


A Touch of Lightning

Kit Fortier

Kit Fortier conjures up an awesome actiony romance in A touch of Lightning!  Jake Barton is crisscrossing the United States as he battles unspeakable evil with his alchemy.  But when he stays at a hotel and chances across insecure Fox Foster, his mission suddenly becomes more complicated.  I love the mythos of Fortier’s world and his fine blend of cool action and pulse-quickening romance!  Jake and Fox’s dynamic really takes center stage and makes the whole story for me!  I’m really excited to see where their adventure takes them next!

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