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The Green Watch

David McElroy

David McElroy brings us back to his beloved fantasy adventure in The Green Watch!  Ben and the rest of the Green Watch return, this time having to deal with another goblin that has crossed over into our world.  I’ve always loved the moral undertones McElroy splices into his Good Goblin stories, and this new goblin provides a perfect foil for Ben as he struggles with deciding whether to trust him or not.  The Green Watch is a wonderful continuation of this series and I’m excited to see what Ben and the others will be up against next!


Fortier: Blood & Moon

M.G. Darwish

M.G. Darwish sets up an intriguing war between the ancient vampire houses in Fortier: Blood & Moon!  Alfred, a powerful and vicious vampire, has returned at his father’s behest, sparking an epic war.  Darwish’s writing flows well and builds the dark world of the vampire houses in a way that’s exciting and gives them depth!  If you love a little intrigue to your vampire books, check this one out!


Jimmy Darwin

Johnny Moscato

Johnny Moscato sets us on a fun and lovable adventure in Jimmy Darwin!  Jimmy (also known as Dr. Darwin) lays out his life for us, a crazy life of escaping pirates, surviving 9/11, and even just hanging with a DJ.  This book reminded me pleasantly of Forest Gump in a way, and Moscato’s writing is fun and humorous as ever!  If you love a meaningful novel with a slice of humor injected into it, check this one out!


Rise and Run

R.J. Plant

R.J. Plant lays down an exciting and realistic sci fi thriller in Rise and Run!  Felix and Conor are two brothers that share the same body.  After being dispatched on a mission to save their adopted cousin, they discover there’s a greater plot happening, one that threatens the world at large.  The weird dynamic of Conor and Felix was really well done and the twists in this book never stopped coming!  Plant’s novel was a great first in the series and I’m really looking forward to seeing where this thread leads!


Pontius Aquila: Eagle of the Republic

Michael Ponzio

Michael Ponzio creates a great historical dramatization in Pontius Aquila: Eagle of the Republic!  Pontius Pilate is well known from the Bible, but Ponzio follows another Pontius from earlier history, Lucius.  Lucius has a celebrated military career and even gets wrapped up in the plot to assassinate Caesar.  The history of this book fascinates me and Ponzio’s writing brings it to life magnificently!  Check this one out if you love Roman history or fast-paced historical fiction!


Probability’s Edge

Alistair Potter

Alistair Potter creates a wonderful sci fi moral conundrum in Probability’s Edge!  When Karla and the rest of the crew of the Eagle crash on a technologically backwards planet, they’re left with a choice: save their crew or save the people of the planet from certain disaster.  Not only is this book realistic and written to flow well (which is really hard to do), I absolutely loved Potter’s deep moral question and answer to that question.  If you love sci fi with depth, this one’s for you!


The Body on the Barstool

Lolli Powell

Lolli Powell creates a really fun mystery in The Body on the Barstool!  After her uncle’s death, Ricki inherits the Top Shelf, a gritty bar.  She does her best to change its reputation, until one day she finds her ex-husband dead in it.  This book is a lot of fun, especially from all the voice and life Powell pours into her characters!  Check this one out if you’re looking for a more lighthearted mystery with likable characters!

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