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What Will Happen Next?

Cendrine Marrouat

Cendrine Marrouat grips us with a short tale of overcoming adversity in What Will Happen Next!  Life can throw some cruel curveballs, something young Emma Elicia is no stranger to.  Follow Emma in an emotional journey as she struggles against loss and triumphs in the end.  I have always loved Marrouat’s poetry, so it was really fun to see that same artistic beauty translate to short story form!  I really felt for Emma, and was uplifted through her journey.  This story is a testament to love, perfect for anyone looking for a bit of inspiration this season!

The Illusion of a Girl

LeeAnn Werner

LeeAnn Werner brings us a heart-wrenching psychological thriller with The Illusion of a Girl!  On the surface, fifteen-year-old Jessie Taylor is part of the perfect family, but not everything is as it seems and Jessie and her brother must survive the monster of their father.  Werner creates the perfect blend of tense thriller and emotional drama, and you can’t help but feel for Jessie and her brother as they’re trapped in a secret hell.  Though tense and dark in parts, this is a story of triumph over darkness as we see Jessie struggle and grow into something new.  If you’re looking for something that’s both psychological thriller and triumph over abuse, come see through The Illusion of a Girl!

Monologues for Adults

Mike Kimmel

Mike Kimmel brings years of acting experience back to center stage with Monologues for Adults!  Kimmel, having been a regular on the Tonight Show and a voting member of the National Television Academy, is no stranger to how to make it in showbiz.  In Monologues for Adults, he provides a wealth of great audition material, perfect for getting noticed!  Kimmel has always created great variety, crafting scenes that span from funny to deep.  These are all designed to be used by anyone, anywhere, no real prep required.  As a former actor myself, I honestly wished I had something like this when I was starting out.  I also found all the monologues to be interesting in and of themselves, so even if you’re not going into acting, it’s worth a read!  If you love stage or film productions, or are looking to audition yourself, come set the stage for success with Monologues for Adults!

Adventures of a Dark Duke: The Pin

Russell Brennan

Russell Brennan sends us on an exotic, spicy, and intriguing adventure with Adventures of a Dark Duke: The Pin!  British popstar Duke sticks a pin randomly in a map and chooses to head to the location pinned.  Little did he know, that simple act would send him on an adventure of a lifetime.  Brennan jumps from Florida to Cuba to Mexico in what I would label as a steamier version of Forest Gump.  It really drew me in to see who the Duke would encounter next and where the pin would lead him!  The Dark Duke offers adventure and stories within stories with a vibrant pulse, all only made more intriguing by the hint this might be a true story.  If you’re looking for a bit of spice and adventure that walks more on the exotic, and even erotic, side, come put a pin in Adventures of a Dark Duke!

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