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Wake of Sins

Catrin Russell

Catrin Russell takes her epic fantasy in a whole new direction in Wake of Sins!  This series has always packed some great twists and turns to throw at you, but Wake of Sins takes the intrigue-driven plot in unforeseen directions.  We follow the wonderful duo of Anaya and Samael as they host a series of traditional games in an attempt to reunite the fracturing demon tribes.  Meanwhile, a plan is hatched to infiltrate the King’s castle to uncover who is really pulling the strings.  Seemingly separate, it was really fun to see how Russell drew connections between these, always building to yet another great surprise!  This is epic fantasy at its finest, with a perfect balance of dark fantasy and romance blended in to keep this series as fresh and intriguing as when I cracked open the first book years ago!

Ruthless Pamela Jean

Carol Denise Mitchell

Carol Denise Mitchell walks us through the harrowing yet triumphant life of a girl who survived bullying and abuse in Ruthless Pamela Jean!  Pamela Jean Metcalf has always been bullied and abused because of her lighter skin, something that starts to lead her down a violent path.  But when Pamela finds a few unlikely mentors, she begins to fight back against the abusers and bullies, ultimately launching a business with the aim to end bullying.  This is a wonderfully emotional book, and Mitchell really throws in some surprise twists!  If you’re looking for an emotionally hard but inspirational book with a splash of romance, come meet the Ruthless Pamela Jean!

A Prophecy of Dawn

Rabiatu Abba Ruma

Rabiatu Abba Ruma brings us a truly epic fantasy tale with A Prophecy of Dawn!  As disaster and chaos descend upon the land, hope seems entirely lost.  But sometimes hope comes from the strangest of places, and perhaps finding the connection between the Emperor’s son and a mysterious woman could be the key to averting disaster.  Ruma builds a massive narrative set in a world filled with intrigue and history!  The worldbuilding really shines in this fantasy epic, truly adding depth to our main characters’ plight.  This one also has a lot of depth in its philosophy, really making you think about things long after you put it down.  If you love high fantasy with a focus on worldbuilding and depth, come plunge into the dark halls and fabled lands of A Prophecy of Dawn!

The Buried Secret of Fairyloom

Niranjana and Archana

We return to the mystical world of Illusia and embark on a deadly mission with Niranjana and Archana’s The Buried Secret of Fairyloom!  The Tremendous Ten are attempting to carry on after the destructive events of the first book, but when they learn of a new threat, they must embark on an even more dangerous journey.  I loved the magic of Niranjana and Archana’s world and really enjoyed getting to know each of the characters deeper.  This one had a very Harry Potter/Percy Jackson feel to it in the worldbuilding and character interactions, something I enjoyed very much.  If you’re looking for a magical adventure fraught with danger this season, strap on your wings of hope and come find The Buried Secret of Fairyloom!

It’s a Funny Old World

Nigel Tetley

Nigel Tetley imparts a bit of humor and wisdom to teens in the fun poetry collection It’s a Funny Old World!  This book is short and sweet, filled with an assortment of poems that span from funny, to philosophical, to broody (similar to the teens this is targeted at).  I had so much fun with this one, and even had some ‘aha’ moments myself (I’m looking at you A Sense of Direction)!  It really reminded me pleasantly of Where the Sidewalk Ends.  If you’re looking for a short poetry collection with equal parts humor and depth, come be a teen again in It’s a Funny Old World!

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