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Terry & Friends: The T-Rex Triad

Don Hoiland

Don Hoiland gives us an adorable children’s tale that also teaches acceptance in Terry & Friends: The T-Rex Triad!  Terry and his friends each have personality quirks that make them different from others, and they’re sometimes shunned because of it.  I loved Hoiland’s fun and nonintimidating approach to teaching acceptance of Tourette Syndrome and a host of other things to kids!  This was a fun read and I look forward to seeing what issues Terry and the others tackle throughout the series!


What’s in a Name?: Tales from the Lost Horizon

Michael Eging

Michael Eging wows us with an actiony tale set in an imaginative fantasy world in What’s in a Name?: Tales from the Lost Horizon!  A group of elven rangers are sent into the treacherous wilderness of Mount Thunderer to fulfil a king’s request.  Eging captures all the excitement, beautiful description, and in depth lore that I love from classics like Lord of the Rings and The Forgotten Realms!  This one’s short and sweet, and if you love fantasy definitely take a climb on the dangerous peak of Thunderer!


The Cold Storm

John Etterlee

Coming home from a war is only the beginning of one man’s fight in John Etterlee’s The Cold Storm!  Army Ranger Roger O’Neil thinks he’s coming home to a peaceful life, but when a family vacation gets hijacked by dangerous criminals, it falls to O’Neil and his former comrades to dole out justice.  Etterlee packs in all the action I love from things like Die Hard, but also manages to make you care about the characters!  This was a really awesome thriller leaving me excited to see what trouble O’Neil has to shoot through next!


The Sapphire Eruption

I.M. Redwright

I.M. Redwright builds a world of strife and intrigue in The Sapphire Eruption!  After an attempt on his life, young Noakhail is spirited away to grow up in another kingdom.  Now, years later, he must journey across the kingdoms to take back his throne.  I love the magic and creativity of Redwright’s world!  Each kingdom, and the characters that live within them, have a life of their own.  This one reminded me pleasantly of Avatar The Last Airbender, and I’m excited to see how it evolves from here!


The Black Heart of the Station

Jay Allan Storey

Jay Allan Storey tells an excellent story filled with mystery and intrigue in The Black Heart of the Station!  Teenager Josh Driscoll has always been fascinated with the origins of The Station, the underground city on a frozen planet all humanity resides in.  But when he begins to dig into the truth, he discovers that not everyone is interested in uncovering the past.  I absolutely love Storey’s world and the exciting unravelling of its mystery!  This was one of those stories that forces you to keep flipping forward to see what Josh would uncover next!  If you loved City of Ember, definitely check this one out too!



Mike Sherer

Ghosts, ghouls, and hilarity run amok in Mike Sherer’s Shadytown!  Sean is your typical teen dealing with typical teenage things…until the ghost of his grandma shows up one day with a dire warning.  Now Sean must battle a whole slew of evil creatures with little more than a Celtic Cross and a rattlesnake.  Sherer strikes the perfect balance between goofy fun and depth, and I really liked Sean and was drawn into his plight!  If you love classics like Percy Jackson, then definitely go do some monster hunting in Shadytown!


If You Find Emory Walden

James Wallace Birch

The mystery deepens in James Wallace Birch’s treasure hunting epic If You Find Emory Walden!  James is spurred to look into the disappearance of his friend Emory years later when his student Melanie shows up with a new clue.  Birch casts a fun roadtrip-like feel on this treasure hunting mystery adventure, something that drew me in as I wondered what James and Melanie would run into next!  I also really enjoyed the duo’s back and forth along the way!  If you love mysteries, or just travelling, then definitely dive into the mystery of what happened to Emory Walden!


The Archer’s Diary

Liam Cadoc

Liam Cadoc unearths history in an exciting world-spanning adventure with The Archer’s Diary!  In a tragic twist of events, son of a wealthy corporate CEO Logan Daggett comes into possession of some ancient artifacts.  He sets out on a world-spanning adventure to uncover the truth about both what happened to his family and what the artifacts say about history.  Cadoc really had me turning pages, both with the mystery and the awesome connections between past and present!  This one pleasantly reminded me of Assassin’s Creed or The DaVinci Code, so definitely check it out if you love those!

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