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The Resurgence of Light

Catrin Russell

Catrin Russell continues the epic struggle between light and darkness, and the gray area between, in her unique fantasy series with The Resurgence of Light!  Demon Samael still struggles with the taint, aided by Anaya who struggles with her destiny.  But when the priesthood collapses and forms a resistance against the demons, the world becomes an even more dangerous place.  Russell’s writing is as rich and full of great emotion as ever, and I love this new chapter in Samael and Anaya’s journey together!  This series has been a great exploration of morality and that struggle between light and dark, and I’m really excited to see what happens to this tortured world next!  If you love dark fantasy with deep lore and some great romance, definitely come struggle against the taint in The Resurgence of Light!

Emoto’s Promise

Shel Calopa

Shel Calopa explores a darker future where humanity has fallen into a harsh caste system in Emoto’s Promise!  While much of humanity has become Numen, people who have merged with (and are enslaved by) a virtual world called the BigDry, Macie is incapable of merging with the tech.  She lives out her days as a lower class slave, repairing a wall that holds back the encroaching ocean.  But when the Numen make a choice for society, Macie finds that not only her job, but her life, have become obsolete to them.  Calopa always does a wonderful job of building lush dystopian worlds that are interesting in and of themselves, but also feed into that great moral discussion about class struggle and the role of technology in our lives!  This book isn’t just a tense thriller, but a deep one too that leaves you thinking.  If you’re yearning for something dystopian with a great main character, come hold back the tide in Emoto’s Promise!

The Other Woman

Racheal Perez

Racheal Perez drops us into the middle of a tense murder thriller in The Other Woman!  Two families are due to merge when both the groom and the bride turn up dead within days of each other.  But there is more going on than meets the eye, and some family secrets aren’t meant to be uncovered.  Perez builds such great tension and intrigue as we explore the two families and learn that there’s so much more going on than just a murder!  I love the drama and history built into the families that grow some great twists.  If you love crime thrillers that aren’t quite what they seem, definitely come swear ‘til death do you part’ with The Other Woman!

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