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Double Date: Part One

Jonathan Ashman

Jonathan Ashman sets us on a heartwarming but also suspenseful journey through two lives in Double Date: Part One!  After a dangerous encounter, two lives are inexplicably entwined as one man keeps waking up and experiencing the life of another.  Ashman creates a great mystery that’s both intriguing but also has the fun warm charm of Ground Hog’s Day!  It was fun to experience both lives, and Ashman really made me care about the characters.  This one ends on a great cliffhanger, so I hope there’s a second date in the future!


After the Dash

Lynda Abernathy

Lynda Abernathy explores morality and a great string of characters in After the Dash!  In an attempt to ease her depression, Aiyanna undergoes hypnosis therapy.  Only then does she realize she can revisit her past lives, and help solve a centuries old mystery.  Abernathy creates a really compelling way to explore both history and deep moral questions!  The characters are great and meaningful, and the book packs fantastic emotional moments.  If you’re looking for a great emotional adventure, come get mesmerized by After the Dash!



Bryan Dull

Bryan Dull brings us a kick arse vampire saga with depth in Solstice!  Self-appointed vampire slayer Gavin Moxley tracks prostitutes shortly after they’ve been turned to kill them and slow the spread of the disease.  But when he meets Solstice, a young vampire with all the powers and none of the drawbacks, he’s forced to question his quest and his hatred of their kind.  Dull’s descriptions draw you into an already compelling story in this cinematic and action-laced tale, but it’s the deep moral dilemmas in this one that give bite to its bark!  I loved both Gavin and Solstice, their moral struggle, and their dynamic that reminds me of The Last of Us.  If you’re looking for the coolness of Blade with the moral vibe of Old Man Logan, come sink your teeth into Solstice!


Daughters of Men

A.R. Draeger

A.R. Draeger brings suspense and a sense of claustrophobia in Daughters of Men!  After returning from a men’s hunting retreat, Rebecca’s husband doesn’t appear to be the same man he once was.  He’s less detached than he once was.  But as connection turns to obsession, Rebecca begins to suspect something sinister and maybe even supernatural happened on the retreat.  This book is a great suspenseful ride, and Draeger does a fantastic job of toying with your emotions and expectations!  I don’t want to spoil anything, but if you love twists, come out on a retreat in the woods in Daughters of Men!


Phineas Varga and the Revenants of Windsor

A.K. Rouse

A.K. Rouse gives us an intriguing dual supernatural storyline filled with action and romance in Phineas Varga and the Revenants of Windsor!  We begin a thousand years ago as young lady Nieve nurses wounded Tintan, a mysterious soldier fighting a nearby battle.  It’s a great start that builds mystery and two great characters, and then the story jumps 500 years later to the time of the Plague.  Queen Elizabeth brings in mysterious Phineas Varga to protect the kingdom from the illness, but little does she know, he’s there to battle an even graver threat to Europe and humanity.  Rouse has a gift for making lovable characters and working in the vampire theme in a believable and engrossing way!  This book offered the perfect balance of action and romance that left me wanting more.  If you love vampires and supernatural battles with a healthy dose of romance, come catch the Plague with Phineas Varga!


The Winds of Power: The Sleeper Prophecy

Robert Drummond

Robert Drummond takes us on a cosmic YA adventure in The Winds of Power: The Sleeper Prophecy!  The death of a blue-violet star alters the DNA of four kids on Earth, giving them special abilities.  Now these four have been abducted and brought across the galaxy to figure out which is the Sleeper, the one prophesized to destroy an ancient galactic evil.  Drummond has a great concept and blends the best parts of YA fantasy like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson with classic sci fi really well!  This one is Ender’s Game with a more upbeat attitude and fun characters, and I really loved their journey as they strove to deal with powers and conflicts far beyond them.  If you’re looking for a bit of Star Wars meets Potter, come ride the solar winds into the worlds of The Sleeper Prophecy!

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