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Sarah’s Home

Vicky Whedbee

Vicky Whedbee builds yet another heartfelt tale in her fictional town in Sarah’s Home!  Millicent Thornton struggles to create a safe haven for the abused and mistreated, a task that is much more challenging than she expected, especially after learning the true identity of one of the residents.  As with Sarah’s Song, Whedbee does a wonderful job of creating loveable characters and numerous moments that’ll make you cry!  This is a beautiful continuation of Whedbee’s story and I hope there’s more to come!


Animals, Acrobatics, Attitude, and Amore

Lynn Hallbrooks

Lynn Hallbrooks creates magical worlds of animals both real and mystical in her short story collection Animals, Acrobatics, Attitude, and Amore!  Each story in the collection has its own charm and I really enjoyed the variety Hallbrooks provided!  If you love animals, or are just looking for some lighthearted fantasy, check this one out!


The Council

Kayla Krantz

Kayla Krantz creates a magical world ruled by powerful witches in The Council!  Lilith Lace lives in the Land of Five, a world divided up by witches based on the types of powers typically found in them.  But when Lilith’s powers start to manifest, she discovers her world isn’t what it seems.  I loved Krantz’s imaginative world and all her characters were really well thought out!  If you love fantasy with awesome worlds and cool magical systems, check this one out!


Secret of the Moonlight

M.G. Darwish

M.G. Darwish recounts the night of a brutal slaying in the short story Secret of the Moonlight!  The town of Rosemore is wracked with mysterious killings, and young Isabelle is determined not to be one of them.  She seeks out Mael, a crack detective, to help her solve this serial killer case.  Darwish’s writing is always wonderfully tense and the plot moves quickly!  This one’s a quick read, perfect for anyone wanting a glimpse into the dark mind of M.G. Darwish!


Nora’s Promise

Sedona Hutton

Sedona Hutton tells a wonderful heartwarming tale of romance in Nora’s Promise!  When Nora’s sister passes, she takes in her nephew.  As she tries to reunite him with his hotshot racecar driving father, Davey, a flicker of romance begins to grow between the two.  One of the things I love about Hutton’s work is that it’s about more than just romance (which she also does really well).  This book is about family and the many deep choices people must make to preserve it.  Check out Nora’s Promise if you’re looking for a romance that’ll make you cry (in a good way)!


Wyck’d Kaine

Groovy Lee

Groovy Lee sets us on a suspenseful world-spanning adventure in Wyck’d Kaine!  After spiriting away a mysterious doubloon, Arlee Lovejoy must avoid the clutches of an evil billionaire while receiving help from an unlikely ally.  I really loved the mystery of this one and the chemistry between Lee’s characters was top notch!  If you love a bit of a James Bond vibe spliced into your romance, give this one a shot!


Solace from Shadows

R.W. Patterson

R.W. Patterson sets up a supernatural romance with a deep moral heart in Solace from Shadows!  After embarking on a trip to try to recover from the loss of her family, Elaine encounters Ian, a vampire-lycan hybrid with his own inner demons.  Together, the two must take on shadows beyond the one in their own hearts.  The strength of the main characters is what makes or breaks a supernatural romance novel, and this is where Solace from Shadows shines!  I loved the depth of both Elaine and Ian, and especially how both their struggles resonated so strongly with each other and the plot as a whole.  If you love a good supernatural romance with depth, sink your teeth into this one!


Enoch and the Stars Above

Rich Paz

Rich Paz creates a galactic adventure in Enoch and the Stars Above!  Enoch is a quiet kid who is often bullied, until one day he encounters an otherworldly visitor named Uriel who enlists his help to stop dark forces from taking over the Earth.  I really enjoyed the lore Paz built into the plot and the fast-paced cinematic tone of his writing that immersed you into it!  Paz’s story is really cool, perfect for any fellow Percy fans out there!

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