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Liberation’s Garden

DJ Rankin

DJ Rankin takes us on an adventure to discover a meaningful life in Liberation’s Garden!  Miles feels trapped in his job and by society in general, until one day he sets off to find answers to the Great Mystery.  This is a book all about finding contentment in a world that says it’s never enough.  Rankin explores the philosophy of life and just what is a good life in a fun ever changing realistic adventure!  It was fun seeing Miles’ journey and growth as he pulled away from the classic paradigm.  If you’re a free spirit or are on a search for the meaning of life, definitely peel away from your day job with Liberation’s Garden!

An Unexpected Find

Hayleigh Sol

Hayleigh Sol brings us a steamy but sweet romance with An Unexpected Find!  Spy thriller author Jax Rowland is struggling to write a meaningful romance into his next book.  When Dr. Sophie Grimaldi finds his notes in a library book and edits them, Jax goes on a quest to track her down and hire her.  This story is a wonderful modern rendition of Cinderella, and Sol balances the sweet and steamy side of romance perfectly!  You couldn’t help but root for Jax and Sophie and their blend of fun quirks and deep moments.  If you’re looking for a more realistic romance with both depth and spicy moments, come check out a library book and meet your soulmate with An Unexpected Find!

Attorney at War

C.H. Watson

C.H. Watson puts us on a fun testosterone-fueled action adventure with a healthy side of humor in Attorney at War!  Tough-talking insanely ripped Jack Cadaver is an Attorney at War, a cross between a lawyer, an assassin, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He thinks he can do it all, but he may just meet his match when he’s pitted against a villain who can mind control people.  Watson captures all the fun of action movies and dials it up to 100 in this fun action romp!  I loved the tongue-in-cheek nature of this book, but it also had an interesting superhero-esque story to it.  If you love over the top action humor, definitely come serve up justice in Attorney at War!


L.M. Coulson

L.M. Coulson brings us the desperate struggle to break a curse in a unique fantasy world with Ether-Touched!  Vylaena Azrel has been cursed by a goddess, making her feel other people’s pain.  But when a solicitor brings her an unusual offer, she comes out of exile to play bodyguard for a foreign delegation.  Coulson builds such a cool world on par with Warcraft and Game of Thrones, but it was Vylaena’s character and struggle that really hit this one home for me!  There is such depth in this book coupled with a really intriguing plot that left me excited to spend more time in this world.  If you love high fantasy anchored in strong characters, come break the curse in Ether-Touched!

The Awakening

Michael Timmins

Michael Timmins unleashes the tide of a supernatural war in The Awakening!  Ancient evil is stirring, leading four unlikely heroes to band together to stop it.  Timmins did a fantastic job of building four really interesting heroes/antiheroes, from Druid priestesses to violent warriors, to a slave hoping to break her bonds!  It was really interesting to see how each responded to their particular brand of the Lycan curse and the greater war that is brewing.  If you love supernatural fantasy set in a more realistic world, definitely come awaken your inner beast in The Awakening!

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