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The Rise of the Stone

Christine Duts

Christine Duts shoots us through time in her wonderful fantasy prequel The Rise of the Stone!  We return to spend time with Azure during her mortal life, long before her epic adventures in Path of the Stone.  Azure sets out to save her friend Bhava who is being tried as a witch due to the customs of ancient Macedonia.  But as they head out on an epic monster-filled journey, Azure discovers a terrible truth that will haunt her, and the world, for many generations.  Duts brings all the excitement and charm of the Stone series to bear as she stretches Azure in new directions.  I really enjoyed getting a deeper look at Azure’s past and the depth that brought to the series overall!  If you love fantasy, mythology, or time travel, come battle witches and monsters with The Rise of the Stone!


Stjepan Cobets

Stjepan Cobets plunges us into a tense apocalypse with 2025!  In this eerily realistic mirror world to our own, we follow Arnold Tellnord as a deadly disease ravages the world leading to the rise of a totalitarian regime.  Now Arnold must fight to save his family as society and human rights collapse around them.  Cobets builds Arnold and his family beautifully, creating a great heart to the story and ramping up the tension as I feared for their safety!  Cobets also adds a great sense of realism as he follows the thread of what an unchecked deadly disease could lead to.  This is an interesting thought-provoking look at a darker future, perfect for any dystopian post-apocalyptic fans out there!

Dane Thorburn and Nature’s Revenge

Matt Galanos

The adventure isn’t over for Dane Thorburn with Matt Galanos’ exciting new fantasy novel Dane Thorburn and Nature’s Revenge!  Dane has saved Princess Vanessa from the City of Lost Souls only to return to a land decimated by four mythical beasts.  Now it falls to Dane to discover just what these beasts are, and just who might be pulling their strings.  Galanos always delivers fun and deep characters with a really cool world to explore, and I loved the addition of the mystery of the four beasts!  Stepping away from the Firelord for a moment added an interesting new aspect to an already intriguing world.  This is yet another wonderful fantasy quest from Galanos, perfect for all fantasy and monster lovers out there!

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