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The Path of Salvation

Catrin Russell

Catrin Russell dives back into her dark and intriguing Prime series in The Path of Salvation!  Anaya is back, this time struggling to deal with the High Priest’s immoral experiments on demons.  Russell’s writing is spectacularly cinematic, but the thing I love best about her stories is the moral struggle.  The Path of Salvation is a beautiful look at morality from a variety of perspectives that drew me in to the very end!


Bloody Legends

Andrea Merchak

Andrea Merchak builds a twisted serial killer case in Bloody Legends!  Dr. Daniel Cooper decides to up his murderous game by designing his slayings to mimic famous urban legends, all while avoiding the detectives desperate to find him and ruin his fun.  This one’s mostly told from the killer’s perspective, so it’s a bit twisted, but Cooper makes for an interesting villain.  Check out Bloody Legends if you’re in the mood for something similar to Seven or The Silence of the Lambs!


Everything Happens for a Reason

Tina-Marie Miller

Tina-Marie Miller creates a heartwarming tale in Everything Happens for a Reason!  Poppy Jackson is looking for a nice smooth-sailing life, but when Oliver Sullivan shows up, she finds anything but.  I really enjoyed Poppy and Oliver and the chemistry between them!  This was a great book filled with secrets and warmth, a wonderful uplifting and light read!


The Project

Johnny Moscato

Johnny Moscato lays down the ultimate slugfest between utopia and dystopia in The Project!  John Greenleaf creates the perfect society, one with abundance for all, a society the world isn’t quite ready for.  The great clash of ideologies is what I found most interesting and Moscato’s writing brought the perfect blend of action and believability to bring it all to life!  I’m excited to see where this battle of thought runs next!



Phillip Murrell

Phillip Murrell captures all the best aspects of vigilante superhero thrillers while also taking a different approach to the trope in Bystanders!  As reporter Claire Kennedy zeros in on the mysterious vigilante Votary, questions are raised as to both their motives and the high cost of justice.  I really enjoyed Murrell’s actiony story, but especially his more realistic take on the impact to the general citizens and the city itself.  Check this one out if you love a good gritty vigilante thriller with depth!


Picture It: Homeopathy

Aarti Patel

Aarti Patel breaks down homeopathy in her easy to understand guide Picture It: Homeopathy!  This lighthearted guide provides comic-like pictures to help demonstrate different homeopathy remedies and even the personality quirks connected to the practice.  If you’re someone trying to get a better understanding of homeopathy, check this one out!


Smack-Dab in the Middle of Nowhere

Duncan Pacey

Duncan Pacey sets us on a hilarious post apocalyptic adventure in Smack-Dab in the Middle of Nowhere!  Bar owner Bert must face off against bandits, vicious tyrants, and even mutant monsters as she tries to survive the perils of the Wastes.  I absolutely loved Pacey’s humor and his descriptions of this tongue-in-cheek twisted world!  This one is Borderlands if it was written by Terry Pratchett so check it out if you love either of those!


Murder She Vaped: The Ironic T-Shirt Caper

Gregg Maxwell Parker

Gregg Maxwell Parker satires the crime drama perfectly in Murder She Vaped: The Ironic T-Shirt Caper!  Doll follows Judy Scoffs, a hip barista, as she tries to unravel the very strange case of people’s T-shirts being replaced overnight.  I loved Parker’s thoughtful humor and the way this story makes a modern satire of Sherlock Holmes!  Check this one out if you’re looking for a lighthearted mystery that will make you smile!


Haunting at Home Plate

David Patneaude

David Patneaude brings us a wonderfully wrapped story of ghosts and baseball in Haunting at Home Plate!  Nelson wants to become a pitcher for his team, until life throws him a curve ball as he discovers there’s something supernatural happening on his field.  I personally love the classic feel of this book and Patneaude’s twist at the end was particularly well crafted!  If you’re looking for a supernatural book with an interesting plot, check this one out!


A Chance Beginning

Christopher Patterson

Christopher Patterson builds a great dark fantasy world in A Chance Beginning!  Erik Eleodum wants a simple life, but circumstances force him off his farm into a chaotic world of magic, monsters, and intrigue.  I really enjoyed the love and depth Patterson put into his world, and I’m really intrigued as to where Erik’s dark journey takes him next!  If you’re a fan of classics like A Game of Thrones or the works of Salvador, come give A Chance Beginning a chance!

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