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Shot Clock

Blair Denholm

Blair Denholm puts gritty tough-talking detective Jack Lisbon back on the case in this exciting new addition to the series, Shot Clock!  Basketball playoffs are derailed when a popular coach is killed in a hit and run.  But contrary to how things look, this hit was no accident and it’s up to Lisbon to call foul.  Denholm always does a great job of blending the fun of sports with the best parts of vigilante detective thrillers!  Lisbon is always such a great character, but this addition really adds a new shade of depth to his character that really drew me in.  If you love gritty crime mysteries or sports, come dribble your way to the truth with Shot Clock!

Death By Curiosity

Lisa Matthews

Lisa Matthews puts us smack dab in the middle of a fascinating mystery in Death By Curiosity!  Several murders have been blamed on alleged witch Elodia Knight.  Fascinated by the case, police typist Armitage Black decides to do some digging of her own, only to find that not everything is as it seems, and that she has become a target herself.  Armitage is such a fun character and Matthews really throws some great twists in along the way!  There is more than meets the eye going on in this one, and its fun narrative tone makes it perfect for both lovers of gritty and lighthearted mysteries both.  If you love mysteries or supernatural fiction, come join the witch hunt with Death By Curiosity!

Bitter Beginnings

Aliya DalRae

Aliya DalRae takes us along a man’s desperate journey to get his family back after a supernatural encounter in Bitter Beginnings!  Patrick O’Connell had the perfect life until an unfortunate encounter with a werewolf shatters all of that.  Now Patrick must battle a vicious pack leader and his own newfound nature in his quest to get his family and his life back.  DalRae’s add on to her main series really builds Patrick as a great and multilayered character!  It was fascinating to see his journey from family man to full ferocious fighter and the desperation driving that.  It certainly makes me excited for the rest of the mini series!  If you love supernatural stories with some bite to them, come be transformed with Patrick in Bitter Beginnings!

Will Normal Return

Ben Kilgore

Ben Kilgore depicts the grim tale of a small town’s struggle to survive the apocalypse in Will Normal Return!  When a catastrophe plunges the world back into the Dark Ages, humanity must relearn how to survive starting with a small band of people contending with hunger, murder, and desperation.  Kilgore takes a very realistic approach to the apocalypse.  There are no zombies here, but that realistic tone and the image of what extremes humanity can go to, both good and bad, during times of strife really builds the tension.  I also loved that philosophical look at peoples’ yearning for ‘normal’ and what exactly is normal.  If you love post apocalyptic fiction set firmly in realism, come vacate the big cities in Will Normal Return!

Deep Cover

John DeBoer

John DeBoer takes us on a hunt for Russian spies in the exciting and tense Deep Cover!  Navy SEAL Adam Taylor joins the U.S. Marshall Service in an attempt to stave off the boredom of retirement.  He didn’t bet on the fact that he’d be chasing after a group of Russian spies attempting to thwart U.S. elections, spies that are willing to kill to cover their tracks.  DeBoer’s writing is the perfect balance of information, tension, and character building!  I was pleasantly reminded of all my favorite Tom Clancy novels as I breezed through to the end of this one!  Even though it’s set in the present, this novel drew from all the great Cold War classics, making it a blast to read.  If you love spy thrillers, definitely come play spy vs spy with Deep Cover!

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