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The Perfect Lap

Sedona Hutton

Sedona Hutton navigates the rocky road to romance in The Perfect Lap!  Nascar driver AJ Ryan’s wild life has created for him an image problem, one consultant Ella Fisher is sent in to solve.  But as the two begin to hit it off, they find themselves locked in a charade that begs the question, will their romance cross the finish line?  I love the chemistry between Hutton’s characters and the writing is fantastic!  Most romances get to the point too quickly, so Hutton’s well-balanced novel is a breath of fresh air.  Check this one out if you’re looking for a romance with a little more depth!


Tales of a Nuisance Man

James Maxstadt

James Maxstadt lays out a fun and actiony romp in Tales of a Nuisance Man!  Duke Grandfather shares with his grandson some of his crazy adventures from his days as a Nuisance Man, sort of a cross between a bounty hunter and an assassin.  I loved Maxstadt’s fantasy world and the humor he built into his stories!  Each story was fun and built upon each other.  If you’re looking for a fantasy story packed with variety and humor, check this one out!


Her Last Nights

P.J. Mayhair

It’s almost Halloween, the perfect time to dive into P.J. Mayhair’s collection of creepy short stories Her Last Nights!  I loved the variety in this one from the return of ghosts, to creepy imaginary friends, to a sentient house plant.  Mayhair’s writing is also excellent bringing me a real chill as I read!  Definitely check this one out if you’re in the mood for something creepy this season!


Born to the Flame: La Casa Monte

Gerrald McCollister

Gerrald McCollister offers an exciting and in depth look at a Forest Service firefighter’s life in Born to the Flame: La Casa Monte!  We get to follow Aidan through several decades of his life as he encounters several tense situations.  I loved the depth of knowledge in this book as well as the way McCollister’s writing brings it smoothly to life!  Check this one out if you love forestry or firefighting in general!


When It Will Rayne It Will Pour

S.C. McCormack

S.C. McCormack takes us on a kick butt bounty hunting adventure in When It Will Rayne It Will Pour!  Rayne Slater is a bounty hunter with secrets, secrets that are threatened to get exposed unless she can carry out her next bounty.  This paranormal romance was a lot of fun, largely because Rayne is such a cool character.  Check this one out if you like your paranormal romance laced with a healthy dose of action!


In the Shadows

Sharon McDonnell

Sharon McDonnell takes us one a darker journey in In the Shadows!  When teenager Kiki’s imaginary friend Gabe disappears, she finds herself at the mercy of darker things.  I really liked Kiki’s journey in this one and her dynamic with her sister.  This novel has a lot more depth than appears at first so I hope others will take the darker dive into its shadows!



Maria McKenzie

Maria McKenzie takes us on a heart-wrenching and pulse-quickening escape in Escape!  Raised alongside one another, Lori and Daniel have always been close.  But when Lori’s mom dies and she is catapulted back into slavery, Daniel must help her escape.  This novel was beautiful and tense, and I really loved both Lori and Daniel, especially with how well McKenzie’s writing brings them to life!  I can’t wait to see where the rest of the trilogy takes them!


Necromancy Cottage

Rebecca McNutt

Rebecca McNutt brings us to Clover Isle, a place filled with magic and mystery in Necromancy Cottage!  As Casey Harris explores the fog-laden island and begins to uncover its secrets, she finds that there’s more to the island, and this world, than meets the eye.  Incredibly well-written, McNutt brings the characters and Clover Isle to life in a magical way fitting of the story itself.  Check out Necromancy Cottage if you’re looking for a magic-filled adventure with a bit of mystery!


Murder in Absentia

Assaph Mehr

Assaph Mehr mashes together several genres in a great way in Murder in Absentia!  When an ancient Roman senator’s son is murdered, Felix is called in to investigate the crime.  But all is not what it seems and Felix quickly finds himself up against a multitude of forces, not all of them of this world.  Murder in Absentia combines a mixture of noir hardboiled detective drama, fantasy, and history, and Mehr somehow pulls it off in a spectacular way!  Check this one out if you love a good mystery with supernatural elements!


The Trinity’s Dream

Sherif Mekdam

Sherif Mekdam designs a tense nightmarish adventure in The Trinity’s Dream!  If the Dreamer awakes, the world will crumble, a real problem as three separate people with three very different ideologies are all careening towards it.  I love the way Mekdam builds the story from three different perspectives, and how the entire plot is essentially waiting for a timebomb to go off!  This book is tense and dark in parts, perfect for any thriller lovers out there!

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