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A Swing in Heaven

Nitika Sharma

Nitika Sharma lets us feel the eb and flow of life’s seasons in A Swing in Heaven!  Sharma’s beautiful collection of poems follows that gorgeous metaphor of a swing in Heaven’s tree all throughout the book.  Like a swing, life travels back and forth through different seasons, some thrilling, others slow and drooping.  Sharma captures the feel of all of this perfectly through her beautifully crafted poems!  Maybe you’re at the low end of the swing and looking for something to bring you up.  Maybe you’re looking for something to celebrate the high moments of your life with.  Either way, definitely come take a ride on A Swing in Heaven!

Big City Dreams

T.S. Krupa

T.S. Krupa lets us escape to the big city in her fun and adventurous Big City Dreams!  Young Logan seeks to start over from her small town life in Texas by moving to New York City, but she quickly finds herself in over her head.  With the help of Mac, a man with connections to the social elite, and some new friends, she tries to make her way in the city, but her past isn’t content to stay back in Texas forever.  Krupa’s writing is so much lighthearted fun that it made me smile for this whole novel!  I loved Logan and that vulnerable feeling of starting over with a mix of excitement for the adventure to come.  If you’re looking for a novel of discovery that’s both heartfelt and entertaining, come book a ticket to New York with Big City Dreams!

Pauper King

E. Stuart Marlowe

E. Stuart Marlowe takes us on the desperate hunt for a serial killer who is killing fairy tale characters in Pauper King!  Snow White has been brutally murdered, and now her father Johannes seeks to find the killer.  But when more fairy tale characters show up dead, his quest becomes about more than just revenge.  Marlowe does an amazing job of blending the gritty horror feel of crime fiction with the magic of fairy tales!  It was the realism that drew me into this one so much.  This felt like a world that could be lived in and people you could actually meet.  It was a really fun take on the fairytale genre that pleasantly reminded me of Seven or The Bone Collector.  If you love crime fiction or darker fairytales, definitely come be enchanted by the dark tale of Pauper King!

Letters From the Light

Shel Calopa

Shel Calopa introduces us to a dystopian future where light is used as a bargaining chip in Letters From the Light!  This sci fi epic follows five diverse characters as the rich oppress the poor, religion is used as a weapon, and an AI sparks a rebellion.  I loved the variety that Calopa presents us with, from the imaginative and deep characters to the cool original idea of light itself being used as a commodity!  This novel brings in the best parts of both dystopian fic and sci fi and blends them into a deep narrative about the methods people try to oppress one another with.  If you’re looking for a fresh original sci fi dystopian adventure, step into the light with Letters From the Light!

Hawk’s Heart

Frances Everly

Frances Everly puts us in the middle of a steamy love triangle in Hawk’s Heart!  After a rough divorce, Sarah seeks an escape by going on a tropical vacation.  There, she meets actor Xander, who is fleeing from the public eye.  They quickly hit it off, but Xander’s crazy ex has different plans for them.  Everly builds a wonderfully steamy romance complete with plenty of intrigue as Sarah’s life is complicated by the return of an old love interest and a pregnancy!  The road to love ought never be smooth, and Everly certainly throws in plenty of bumps to keep things interesting.  If you love your romance more on the steamy side, come have a fling down in the tropics with Hawk’s Heart!

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