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The Goblin’s Winter

Alex Norton

Alex Norton crafts a tale of wonder and fear in The Goblin’s Winter!  Danny is an unusual kid, plagued with strange psychic powers and numerous family deaths.  When going to the will reading of his late uncle in the small town of Eddystone, he learns that there’s more to both his powers and his family’s fate, and that he’ll have to connect the dots quickly if he doesn’t want to end up like his parents and uncle.  This book was a great mash up between an eerie Stephen King-esque horror mystery and a YA drama, and Norton blends the two unlikely genres perfectly!  I really loved Danny and the strange twisted history of his family.  This is a mystery well worth diving into, especially if you love darker coming of age stories like It or The Spyderwick Chronicles!


Six Word Wonder

Doug Weller

Doug Weller delivers a host of fun, horrifying, and sometimes downright bizarre stories in Six Word Wonder!  Weller’s collection is fun and unique in the sense that each story and joke is only six words long.  I was surprised at how much depth and variety Weller was able to crank out of just six words!  It was really addicting flipping forward to see what would come next, and I was almost always left thinking or with a smile on my face.  This book was a delight, perfect for anyone crunched for reading time or looking for some fun writing prompts!


His Friend Request

L.L. Lily

L.L. Lily gives us a cute modern romance set in the global pandemic in His Friend Request!  Hailey just received a friend request from the man of her dreams, but the road to love is never a smooth one, especially with the major speedbumps of a global pandemic and quarantine in the way.  Lily focuses in on this heartwarming romance sandwiched in the cracks of our tough modern challenges, following the uplifting belief that if you truly believe in something, it will manifest!  It was a nice warm outlook on an otherwise dismal year, and I appreciated Hailey’s upbeat attitude.  If you’re looking for a smile and a bit of heartwarming romance, take a chance at accepting His Friend Request!


Noah, Nimrod, and the Nations

Julius Ogunbiyi

Julius Ogunbiyi provides an in depth analysis of various Genesis stories in Noah, Nimrod, and the Nations!  Trust me, it’s more exciting than it sounds as Ogunbiyi provides a thoughtful look at everything from the physics of The Flood to archeological evidence pointing to Nimrod’s existence.  I really enjoyed the logical and evidence-based approach Ogunbiyi used while also being respectful to the spiritual side of things!  Genesis can be a tough book to get through, so Ogunbiyi’s unpacking of it was a lot of fun to read!  Check this one out if you’re looking for a deeper dive into the wealth of subjects left to us by Genesis!



Kat Kinney

Kat Kinney sets us on a daring mission in a werewolf war in Dyrwolf!  Lea Wylder is a werewolf hunter in a future where werewolves (shifters) have driven humans into hiding out in the mountains.  She changes her tune one day when she captures a Shifter named Henrik, deciding to spare his life instead and escort him on a dangerous mission back into the wolves’ stronghold.  It’s a really exciting story and a great twist on the whole werewolf supernatural genre!  I loved the depth and politics of the world and really enjoyed the dynamic between Lea and Henrik!  Kinney does fantastic at building the chemistry and feel throughout this exciting first entry into the series.  Be sure to sink your teeth into Dyrwolf if you’re looking for an exciting character-focused supernatural thriller.


The Missing Piece of History

Niranjana Selvakumar and Archana Sujai

Niranjana Selvakumar and Archana Sujai transport us to an awesome fantasy world in The Missing Piece of History!  Cathy Wilde is terrified when two mysterious strangers show up in her house.  She follows them to a strange other world where she discovers danger, new powers, and new friends.  I loved how beautifully descriptive this novel was, and tons of love is pumped into the world and characters!  The worldbuilding was super cool with depth packed into every aspect of the fantasy world.  If you love YA fantasy and are seeking to escape to another world filled with mystery and well-crafted characters, go tumbling through the looking glass in The Missing Piece of History!

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