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The Third Thing

Sirkka Smith

Sirkka Smith brings us a modern romance with wonderfully quirky characters in The Third Thing!  Socially awkward Xo moves to a small mountain town to paint birds where she meets Elliot, a photographer with a touchy past.  As love begins to grow between them, the two find themselves on a misadventure in the mountains where unexpected danger awaits.  Smith adds a touch of suspense to an already engrossing romantic tale, drawing me in with every page!  I especially loved how well-written and complex (and quirky) our main characters were.  It really made The Third Thing fun, unique, and oddly informative about birds.  If you love more lighthearted romance with a bit of adventure, definitely come bird watching in The Third Thing!

The Dragon of Russia

Jessica Piro

Jessica Piro thrusts us back into spy thriller action with a twist in The Dragon of Russia!  We catch up with Leila Wells after awakening her dark side known as the Phoenix.  She’s now living with a team of Spetsnaz soldiers as she attempts to navigate a new danger brewing in Russia.  It was really fun to see Piro expand the lore of her spy world, bringing in the mysterious and menacing Dragon of Russia, Dragunov!  Leila and Dragunov had a lot of great chemistry, and I really appreciated how character-driven this book was.  Also packing some great twists and action sequences, The Dragon of Russia is perfect for anyone seeking a spy thriller with an extra layer to it!

Memory Full: U-Day

Rapha Ram

Rapha Ram brings us a tense and emotional dystopian thriller with Memory Full: U-Day!  Livvy Blunt lives at the Monastary, a place designed to weed out all emotion and skills deemed unimportant to make room in the brain to upload skills that are useful to society.  But when Livvy is selected for a special upload program, it becomes clear that the Monastary isn’t all it’s advertised to be.  Ram captures all the best parts of dystopian literature, seamlessly blending the thought-provoking 1984, the emotion of The Giver, and the tension of The Hunger Games in one exciting read!  If you love dystopian lit that makes you think and that sticks with you after reading, come download Memory Full: U-Day into your brain!

Neptune’s Window: First Glance

LL Lewin

LL Lewin brings us an intriguing paranormal mystery with great emotion in Neptune’s Window: First Glance!  After the death of her mother, Aries Dade and her father move to California to rebuild their life.  But as spirits begin speaking with Aries, and all the people they meet seem to have some connection to her mother, she begins to discover that there is more to her mother’s death than first revealed.  Lewin builds the tension and mystery really well through her fantastic description, and Aries was a really likeable character to travel an emotional journey with!  This is the start to a compelling mystery that left me speculating on what will come next.  If you love mysteries with a healthy dose of paranormal and young adult lit blended nicely in, definitely come take a peek through Neptune’s Window!

Actors Like Us

Radovan Burhan

Radovan Burhan gives us an interesting examination of humanity through the lives of two actors in Actors Like Us!  Harry sets out to create a world of theatre not governed by commercialization.  In doing so, he and his friend encounter and examine a number of situations that are a clever examination of our modern world and humanity.  I found Burhan’s approach to be rather unique and an intriguing look at the state of things.  This is a quick read that feels lively, almost like you’re watching a play yourself as you read!  If you love short entertaining reads that make you think, definitely come see what there is to see in Actors Like Us!

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