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Making the Impossible, Possible

Odis Burt

Odis Burt offers a roadmap to more positive thinking in Making the Impossible, Possible.  This short guide goes from methods for a positive thought process to turning those thoughts into action.  I enjoyed Burt’s personal anecdotes and the quotes sprinkled throughout helped add to the message.  If you’re looking for a more optimistic view on life, check out Burt’s guide!


Dad, Dogs and Death

Derek Jee

Derek Jee takes us down a great emotional journey in Dad, Dogs and Death!  After barely surviving a car accident, Mark Wilkins heals inexplicably fast.  He then recounts much of his emotionally challenging life before having to escape from a strange man trying to kill him.  It’s a wonderful mystery packed with great emotional moments!  This one’s a bit thriller, a bit drama, and a bit something else all written beautifully by Jee so check it out!


The Stolen Generation

N.A. LeBrun

N.A. LeBrun takes us on a tense dystopian adventure in The Stolen Generation.  On an alternate Earth, an evil government steals the souls of dead babies and puts them into lab grown bodies in an attempt to create a controllable population.  Now two of those stolen souls are fighting back as they journey to find their soul mother.  I think LeBrun’s world is so cool (though dark) and the action is great!  If you love dystopian fic, this one’s for you!


Stormy Kind of Love

Tia Lee

Tia Lee spools a suspenseful romance in Stormy Kind of Love.  College student Rachel gets wrapped up in a love triangle, but people are keeping dangerous secrets drawing Rachel right into the middle of a tense plot.  Lee’s writing is cinematic and quickly drew me in right to the satisfying ending!  If you like a bit of tension to your romance, check out Stormy Kind of Love!


The Fox and It

Beanie Lei

Follow the mischief-filled adventure of fox cub Runty in Beanie Lei’s children’s book The Fox and It!  Runty’s curiosity gets the better of him sending him on an adorable little adventure.  Lei’s poetic writing was fun and engaging, making The Fox and It perfect for younger children!


The Sign of the Symean

R.A. Lindo

R.A. Lindo sends us into a mystical world of monsters and artifacts in The Sign of the Symean!  Kaira Renn is just an ordinary twelve year old, or so she thinks.  Suddenly whisked away to a magical world hidden amongst our own, she quickly discovers that she has powers, and she must hone them to save us all.  Lindo’s writing is just as magical as the subject making The Sign of the Symean a must have for any Potter fans out there!


The Demon Sonatas

Vincent Loggia

Angels and demons wage war in Vincent Loggia’s The Demon Sonatas!  When a Nephilim is born, it shatters the fragile truce between the two opposing factions.  Now the Nephilim finds himself the target of more forces than one.  Loggia’s plot is twisting and I liked his cool characters.  This novel is kick butt so check it out if you like that age-old battle between those above and below!


The Apollo Illusion

Shari Lopatin

Shari Lopatin builds a suspenseful dystopian world in The Apollo Illusion!  Teenage Flora lives in Apollo, a city surrounded by an oppressive Wall.  Through her journey, and sheer curiosity, she discovers that the Wall is hiding secretes, secrets that are dangerous to her and those she loves.  Lopatin captures the dystopian vibe perfectly and her plot is full of suspense and depth!  Check this one out if you yearn for a fast-moving story with meaning!


Better With You

Hattie Lou

Hattie Lou ties a tangled romantic knot in Better With You!  Harper and Tate were starcrossed teenage lovers until one day Tate just up and left.  Years later, Harper is spending time away from her fiancé to clear her head when she runs into Tate.  Lou’s writing is marvelously full of emotion and voice and the romance is compelling!  Check out Better With You if you like your romance complicated!



Michelle Lowe

The steampunk genre is all about atmosphere and great characters, something Michelle Lowe nailed on both fronts in Legacy!  Three unlikely heroes must join together to stop an evil lord from killing many in the steampunk fantasy world of Victorian London.  They soon discover that they’re up against more than a mere man.  This book is actiony and fun and I’m excited to see where the series goes next!

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