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Fallen from Sight

D.R. Shoultz

D.R. Shoultz reintroduces us to his world of mountain murders in Fallen from Sight!  Detective Ozzie Baker follows the murder of a teen to discover a greater conspiracy happening in Appalachian country.  Shoultz has a gift for crafting a compelling mystery that never lets you go and keeps you breezing through its great twists!  This series has me hooked so it’s weird to say, but I’m excited for the next murder!



Christine Reynebeau

Christine Reynebeau tackles a great emotional subject through the lighthearted fun of a children’s book in Home!  Henry tells his dogs that they’re about to move to a new home.  Each dog takes it a different way as the book explores what moving means for them.  This was a great way to delve into the complicated subject of dealing with change, and I love Reynebeau’s hopeful message and rhyme scheme!  Reynebeau has such a creative way to talk about tough things with kiddos so I can’t wait to see what she tackles next!


Rise at Twilight

Kayla Krantz

Death is only the beginning of the exciting struggle Kayla Krantz has laid out for us in Rise at Twilight!  After dying, Luna finds herself in a strange and merciless otherworld.  In a search for allies, she finds herself teaming up with an old enemy, a choice that will alter the fates of many.  There are a lot of moving parts in Rise at Twilight, something I found to be really enjoyable.  It was fun to see how all the characters’ plotlines wove together.  Krantz has created a deep world with equally rich characters that I look forward to diving further into!


Demon King

Erik Henry Vick

Erik Henry Vick outlines a desperate struggle for survival against an unspeakable evil in Demon King!  Three children survive the darkness that plagues Oneka Falls, each dealing with their scars in a different way.  Now grown up, they are called back to fight the evil that took their childhood.  Vick really knows how to build the suspense with realistic characters and pulse-quickening descriptions!  If you’re looking for a good creepy read, take a little trip to the harrowed town of Oneka Falls!



Miriam Jeanett Wang

Miriam Jeanett Wang uncovers the raw emotions of what it’s like to walk through mental illness in Madness!  This collection of poetry brings you through some different stages in Wang’s life, as well as the lessons learned and emotions of those stages.  It’s brutally honest and beautiful, and I really loved Wang’s prose throughout!  If you love poetry, or just want some understanding of the emotions surrounding mental illness, check out Madness!


Out in the Bright Bright Light

D.W. Watson

D.W. Watson paints a strange, fun, and actiony picture of Earth’s future in Out in the Bright Bright Light!  After an event called The Loss devastates the defense force protecting Earth, it falls to a motley trio to save the planet from everything from space time breaches to even deadly teddy bears.  Watson’s writing is just fun and packed with enough action to keep you zipping to the end!  If you love a fast-paced novel laced with a healthy dose of humor, Out in the Bright Bright Light is for you!


The Crymost

Dean H. Wild

Dean Wild slowly builds unease in his suspenseful horror novel The Crymost!  The residents of the small town of Knoll have always placed trinkets of their sorrows in an area outside of town called the Crymost.  Now something stirs there, something with dark plans for the residents of Knoll.  Wild knows how to take his time growing the suspense (which I mean as a compliment)!  This novel builds to its creepy end in a way that sticks with you after you put it down!  If you like a novel more heavy on the suspense side, then definitely check out The Crymost!


Life Lost and Found

A.K. Williams

A.K. Williams delivers a great story that’s equal parts funny and powerful in Life Lost and Found!  When Madeline is partially tricked into attending a party, she’s forced to confront her demons…or succumb to them.  Williams has found the perfect balance between humor and meaningfulness that makes Life Lost and Found linger in your mind far after reading.  If you’re looking for some good YA with depth, definitely check this one out!



Lorna Jackie Wilson

Lorna Jackie Wilson gives us the beautiful and challenging story of one family’s struggle to come back together in Babygirl!  After a battle with abuse and drugs, Michelle and her siblings are thrown into the foster system.  Now, she and her mother fight to get them all back together again.  Wilson knows just how to grip you by the heart, pull you through some really difficult moments, and land you on a beautiful ending that made me tear up!  Truly, this one’s beautiful for those of you looking for a harshly true and touching read!

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