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Seeds of Change

Willow Thomson

Willow Thomson gives us a novel of discovery and hope in Seeds of Change!  The year is 2071 and Earth is falling apart from both disease and climate change.  Thus young Jey joins a crew sent to settle an exoplanet.  But thanks to corporate rivalry and dangers on the planet itself, her journey is anything but smooth.  Joy is a great character and I love her journey, the romance and spirituality connected to it!  Thomson builds a compelling world, one that I’m looking forward to diving more into in the future!


The Golden Viper

Sean Robins

Galactic threats return in Sean Robins’ The Golden Viper!  Despite their defeat, the Xortaags are back to conquer Earth once more.  Fortunately, Kurt, Jim, Oksana, and Tarq have all returned as well to defend it.  The Golden Viper has all the high flying action and great character chemistry that makes Robins’ series so much fun to read!  If you like space battles and galactic plots, this one’s for you!


A Rising Star

Alyssa Rae

Alyssa Rae continues her exciting series of rebellion in A Rising Star!  After being forced back to London by her corrupt father, Marienela works her way back to Ogoniland to find Danny and continue her fight for her people’s freedom.  This story builds on all the action, depth, and relationships that made the first one so compelling and Rae never lets up on those great emotional moments!  Check out A Rising Star if you’re looking for a little rebellion with a purpose!


Son of the Serpent

Vashti Quiroz-Vega

The civil war amongst the angels is finished but far from over in Vashti Quiroz-Vega’s Son of the Serpent!  Dracul awakens with only one memory: that he’s the son of Satan.  He wanders the world in search of belonging, a search that will restore his memory and lead him to the choice between revenge or leading a meaningful life.  Quiroz-Vega’s writing is as beautifully descriptive as ever, and her characters are truly compelling!  This is a fascinating fantasy world to explore, one I’d recommend to any lovers of angels, revenge, or redemption stories out there!


The Daughter Claus

D. Thrush

D. Thrush takes a fun spin on Christmas romance in The Daughter Claus!  Tina’s brother is supposed to become the next Santa Claus but his incompetence and lack of interest lands the job on her shoulders.  As if that’s not complicated enough, the reemergence of an old romantic flare and battling an elf union put things over the top.  This book is just fun and Thrush’s writing is full of life and humor!  If you love Christmas, romance, or a bit of both, this one’s for you!


Carol’s Aquarium

Kristen Tsetsi

Kristen Tsetsi takes some brutally honest snapshots of life in her short story collection Carol’s Aquarium!  The stories follow a lot of different people struggling with different things, and the mood varies from morose to whimsical, but it’s the writing that’s the star.  Tsetsi’s descriptions are beautiful and worm their way into your heart in a way that lingers long after reading!  Not all the characters are likable, but it’s this honesty that makes this one beautiful.  If you like short fiction with drama and depth, check out Carol’s Aquarium!


Soul Purpose

Kay Uno

Kay Uno hits us with a fun and light-hearted new adult adventure in Soul Purpose!  Phoenix Starr is accosted with some of the usual problems a new adult faces: trying to make rent, old highschool flings showing up, and trying to stay connected with childhood friends.  Now throw in her ability to talk to spirits and a demon that’s hunting her and it’s a party!  Uno’s writing is just plain old fun and I loved Phoenix’s healthy level of snark throughout this fast paced adventure!  If you’re looking for a fun supernatural ride with great characters, this one’s for you!


Geek vs Vegas

Jonathan Sturak

Jonathan Sturak takes us on another wild romp through the sin-slicked streets of Vegas in Geek vs Vegas!  Benjamin Pollock is working a dead end job and is a bit lost in life when a friend invites him to Vegas for the weekend.  Little does he know, his life is about to get wrapped up in a conspiracy that will change it forever.  Sturak’s writing is marvelously dripping with dark humor that sheds light on real issues in a fun way!  Pollock’s adventure is never boring, so come spend a weekend in Vegas if you’re looking for a fresh darkly comedic adventure!

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