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Naked Soul


Aarthi brings us a beautiful collage of words and emotions in the poetry collection Naked Soul!  This short collection brings poems from a variety of genres, but I would say one word connects them: beauty.  This was a beautiful and honest look at the human soul and the emotions that are born out of love!  This is a magical short read and I was left feeling uplifted.  If you love poetry and are looking for an honest, yet warming set of poems, come explore the magical prose of Naked Soul!

Music Shall Untune the Sky

Lou Kemp

Lou Kemp blends classic sci fi literature and magic perfectly in the exciting steampunk fantasy epic Music Shall Untune the Sky!  The year is 1865 and three friends begin crossing the land in their magical train when a hot air balloon crashes next to them ferrying a mysterious addition to their team.  I loved Kemp’s mixture of historical figures and literary stand outs like Captain Nemo into this partially real, partially magical world!  This adventure felt very unique and fun, packed with lovable characters and a slew of interesting locations.  If a mash up of steampunk and classical literature intrigues you, definitely turn your gears toward Music Shall Untune the Sky!

How to Control Your Alcohol Consumption

Jason Newman

Jason Newman gives us an interesting guide towards breaking alcoholism with How to Control Your Alcohol Consumption!  What I found fascinating about this guide was that it wasn’t about quitting drinking, but instead about limiting drinking and mitigating its effects.  I found it to be an interesting step towards ending alcohol addiction if a person chooses.  This guide takes an honest look at the effects of alcohol as well, both positive and negative, and provides avenues to continue drinking in a limited capacity if someone chooses.  Ultimately, that’s what this guide is about: providing someone choice.  I don’t drink personally, but I found this guide to be easy to read, informative, and an interesting insight!  If you’re looking to limit your drinking, then definitely check it out!

Only Human

Corey Burns

Corey Burns gives us an exciting look at a different post-apocalyptic world in Only Human!  The world has been devastated by the destruction of the Moon, many years of war, and beings called gen, creatures that can cram hundreds of years of evolution into a short time.  Yet there is hope when Taoru rescues a mysterious ally, departing his village in an adventure across the wasteland that could save everyone.  I really enjoyed Burns’ world as it captured all the gritty charm of post-apocalyptic lit with its crazed zealots and dangerous mutants, but it really shines in its almost fantasy element of its quest and mystery!  The characters and monsters were great, and the world building even better.  I was pleasantly reminded of Horizon: Zero Dawn.  If you love post-apocalyptic worlds with interesting creatures and twists, definitely come explore Only Human!

Matching Stilettos

Sylvester Poulsen

Sylvester Poulsen brings us a really fresh spy thriller in Matching Stilletos!  Aydyn is a supermodel by day, and a super spy by night.  But when Aydyn takes a job in Milan, they just might have met their match.  Poulsen offers you everything you can want from your standard spy set up, the fast cars, witty back and forth, and gunplay, but what allows Matching Stilettos to stand out is Poulsen’s focus on a main character who is trans!  It was really cool to see a trans character take center stage in a spy drama, since that is especially a genre where we don’t see that very often (or to my knowledge, ever).  It made this one really fresh and fun, and Aydyn was a really fun character to follow on top of it.  If you love spy action thrillers that are more in the vein of James Bond or LGBT lit, definitely come shoot it out with Matching Stilettos!

Once Upon an Ending

Mike Trippiedi

Mike Trippiedi gives us a truly fresh take on the apocalypse with Once Upon an Ending!  After a disaster, it’s the end of the world as we know it, but not for a handful of survivors who gather at, of all places, a brothel.  This novel is a tight examination of humanity through the eyes of these characters as they explore morality and what starting over for humanity really means.  It’s definitely a strange set up, but I enjoyed Trippiedi’s fresh take on the post-apocalyptic genre, especially with diving deep into each character!  I don’t always necessarily agree with the philosophies in this book, but that was also its charm, getting to explore several different philosophies in a world starting anew.  If you’re looking for something more akin to Fear and Loathing than The Day After Tomorrow, definitely pop on over to Once Upon an Ending!

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