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Dean Smith

Dean Smith sets up a really unique revenge thriller in Black!  Tristan Cross finds himself dying at the hands of an unscrupulous enemy, but when immortal Ava offers him a second chance at revenge for the cost of his soul, he takes it.  With a new identity, he must seek his revenge while navigating high society and finding a way to cheat a devil’s deal.  Smith hits you with a quick pace and tense writing that never left me wanting!  If revenge thrillers are your thing, definitely check out Black!


Padma and the Elephant Sutra

W.L. Snowden

W.L. Snowden brings us a fascinating retelling of a parable in Padma and the Elephant Sutra!  In the six blind men and an elephant, six men try to piece together what an elephant looks like based on their limited experience.  This time, the story is told from the elephant Padma’s point of view as she tries to assist humanity.  Snowden’s retelling is an interesting spin and the writing has a great spirituality to it!  Check out Padma and the Elephant Sutra if you’re looking for a story with some enlightening insight!


A Monk’s Tail

Kyle Spencer

Kyle Spencer gives us an action-packed adventure filled with really fun characters in A Monk’s Tail!  Bow is a monster hunter imprisoned from rubbing a warlord the wrong way.  There he meets Susi, a mysterious stranger with a dark secret.  Bow frees Susi and together they find themselves on the run.  I don’t want to spoil too much from there because the discovery and imaginative characters really bring the story to life.  Spencer’s writing is filled with great voice and the story set a perfect pace making A Monk’s Tail one of my favorite fantasy action romps I’ve read this year!


Time Lies

Magnus Stanke

Magnus Stanke weaves a complicated and rewarding Cold War mystery in Time Lies!  The fates of four strangers are suddenly intertwined by one murder at the heart of the Cold War in Germany.  Stanke builds a lot of depth and realism into his web of characters, a web whose tension and intrigue grow to the novel’s surprise end!  I love the Cold War and I love mysteries, so Time Lies is perfect for fans like me!


When Death is Calling

Henry Taba

Henry Taba offers demon slaying thrills in When Death is Calling!  Westcliffe has always been plagued by a demon, but when he finds his true love and kills that demon, he thinks all will be well.  That’s only until he starts hearing a menacing whisper of dark things to come.  Taba’s portrayal of Westcliffe’s tortured soul is fascinating and the story offers plenty of thrills and chills!  If you like darker struggles with demons, come slay with When Death is Calling!



Eliza Taye

Eliza Taye takes us on an adventure of discovery and love in Oceana!  In the year 2276, the world has been decimated by disease and climate change prompting the creation of an elite underwater colony called Oceana, but not everyone is welcome there.  That is until one day Allie, a teen girl from land, meets a boy from Oceana and begins exploring the city, potentially to dire effects.  I love the sense of discovery in this book and Taye’s message that friendship and love can transcend the borders of class!  Oceana was a fun read, the journey of which I hope continues so I can take another dive in the turbulent seas of our future!


The Rhapta Key

Urcelia Teixeira

Urcelia Teixeira creates a great Indiana Jones-esque adventure in The Rhapta Key!  Archeologist Alex Hunt sets out to find the lost city of Rhapta with young Sam Quinn, but it’s also a personal journey to search for her father who went missing on a similar quest.  Now Alex is encountering similar dangers that her father did, both natural and manmade.  This is an adventure story through and through (which I love), but I also really enjoyed the personal aspect of Alex’s search for her father and the bond that develops between her and Sam!  If you love a good search for lost cities, especially ones fraught with excitement and danger, check out The Rhapta Key!

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